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2013 Canada-China Field Course
(Aug 8th - 23th, 2013 @ Canada)

This was the 8th version of the Canada-China exchange field course, this year in Canada at the Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS).  The course ran from the 8th of August to the 23rd of August, a beautiful time to be in Canada. This year was one of our most diverse in terms of origins of university students (12 Canadian students from 9 Ontario universities, and 21 Chinese students from 4 universities), and also among our most balanced with respect to numbers of Canadian versus Chinese students. This year was particularly challenging for our Chinese students, as to reduce costs, we routed them from Shanghai through Hong Kong, Vancouver to Toronto (over 40 hours in transit) – they were very tired indeed by the time we had picked them up from the Toronto airport but we allotted 3 days’ respite travelling to Niagara Falls and Toronto. As we have done in previous incarnations of the course, we dedicated the first week to intensive field exercises, learning about the diversity of various aquatic organisms (e.g. fish, plants, amphibians, invertebrates), exploring issues of human impacts on aquatic environments in both China and Canada through lectures and student seminars, and listening to various guest speakers.

Highlights of the second week included: 1) a visit to the Canadian Museum of Nature where we learned about the importance of museums in research and outreach, 2) a trip to a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant in Kingston, 3) a visit to the main Queen’s campus, and a visit from Dr. James Lee (Associate VP International), Barbara Yates and Jenny Corlett of the Internal Office.

The students undertook intensive group research projects focused on wetland assessment on the QUBS landholdings. What particularly stood out this year was the incredible chemistry between Chinese and Canadian students – an exchange in the truest sense of the word.

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本次课程的亮点包括:1)参观了加拿大自然博物馆,了解了博物馆在科研以及科普活动中的重要作用;2)参观了金士顿当地的一处污水处理厂;3)参观了女王大学本部,同时接待了女王大学国际部James Lee博士(国际部副主席), Barbara Yates 和 Jenny Corlett的回访。


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