WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference

WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference
WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference

Conference Goals and Themes

The main goals of the 1st International WDSA / CCWI Joint Conference are to:

  • Provide practitioners and researchers with opportunities to discuss and disseminate ideas on modelling and control of urban water systems

  • Examine the current state-of-the-art in modelling and control of urban water systems that is applicable to the water industry
  • Provide a forum for practitioners and researchers to establish and pursue collaborations on worthwhile projects that are of value to the water industry

The conference will cover the following general themes:

  • SMART water systems
  • Water engineering solutions for smart, livable and sustainable cities
  • Integral approaches and sustainable urban water cycle problems
  • Asset management and performance modelling
  • Demand forecasting, leakage and energy management
  • Real time monitoring, modelling, prediction control, SCADA, GIS and data management issues
  • Climate change and urban water management, water supply and water scarcity
  • Storm water control in urban and industrialized areas including blue-green solutions
  • Water and wastewater treatment modelling, optimization and control
  • Wastewater and storm water quality modelling, including sediment and pollutant transport
  • Advances in sensors, instrumentation and communications technologies
  • Big data techniques and analysis
  • Security, reliability and resilience
  • Practical applications including laboratory, modelling, case studies, demonstration projects
  • Water and wastewater issues and advances in the Arctic and cold climate regions
  • Field work: case studies and practical applications
  • Educational and research transfer tools
  • Water distribution network modelling
  • Water distribution networks as complex systems
  • Water distribution network optimization: planning, design, rehabilitation and expansion
  • Leakage and energy management in water distribution networks
  • Smart water distribution networks (metering, assessment, forecasting and operations)
  • Transient analysis in water distribution networks
  • Water security in water distribution networks
  • Drinking water quality and treatment issues (biofilm, discoloration and contaminant intrusion)
  • Water distribution network operation and maintenance
  • Benchmarking in water distribution networks
  • The future of EPANET2 and SWMM5.0
  • Future of water distribution system research
  • Emerging technologies in water distribution systems practice