WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference

WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference
WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference

Open Source EPANET Workshop - Monday July 23rd

​​In this informal workshop-style session, participants will learn the basics of online software collaboration, connect with the EPANET development community and gain confidence in interacting with other developers. The main focus will be on the EPANET engine (also known as the DLL or Toolkit API) but we will also discuss the graphical user interface (GUI) and opportunities for development and collaboration on that project. Bring your own computer.
Participant will experience in great detail setting up their GitHub account, cloning the EPANET source code repository, making bug fixes and implementing new features, pushing their contributions back to GitHub and initiating the process of code review and upstream merging. By the end of the workshop, a new minor-patch version of the toolkit will be tagged and released.
There is no additional charge for attending this workshop. The presenters, Sam Hatchett and Elad Salomons, are volunteers who have also given a great deal of their time to developing code for the Open Source EPANET project. A funding campaign was recently started to support the project and our first objective is to help cover Elad’s expenses to present this workshop. Please click here (https://gogetfunding.com/epanet-open-source-project-2/) to support the Open Source EPANET project.
Sam Hatchett, CitiLogics 
Elad Salomons, Optiwater