WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference

WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference
WDSA / CCWI 2018 Joint International Conference

Envisioning the future of water distribution and supply - Tuesday July 24th

As interest in infrastructure and its resilience has grown, the volume of water distribution research has exploded in the last 10 years.  In 2002, 31 journal articles were published in the water distribution area (Web of Science: TOPIC: (water distribution network) AND TOPIC: (pipe or pump) AND articles (all databases)).  Over 125 and over 300 articles were published in 2010 and in both 2016 and 2017, respectively.  Citations grew from 225 in 2002 to nearly 6000 in 2017.   If this high concentration of effort continues, it begs the question of whether this effort will transform the provision of water to the spatially diverse set of consumers.   

Researchers are examining a range of issues and problems while water providers are generally slow to adopt changes in the status quo.  Is research asking the right questions?  What pressing issues must be addressed today to better serve the community? 

Further, in mega-cities and in rural areas water shortages are occurring due to excessive demand and to full utilization of current and, possibly, diminishing supplies.  These conditions compel the water industry to innovative in ways that have not yet been accepted or even foreseen.  How will the future water distribution/supply systems be configured?  How will new data sources impact their design, control and management in the short and long term?

This session will be an audience-driven dialogue to envisage the future of water supply infrastructure and control and begin to develop a research roadmap.   The conversation will center on:

1.       What will the WDS/Water Supply Infrastructure look like in 2035?  In 2060?

2.       How will increasing demands, decreasing supplies, societal decisions and regulatory constraints impact the manner water is supplied in 2035?  In 2060?

3.       What WDS/water supply system data will be collected and how will it be analyzed and used for WDS management in 2035? In 2060?

Discussion Moderators: ASCE Water Distribution Systems Committee