Fall Migration Schedule

This page will be updated throughout the fall to reflect the progress on the WebPublish Migration Initiative. 

The estimated start dates are based on a combination of your preferred start date, resource availability and estimated migration time per site. There are many factors to consider when evaluating the estimated migration time. As a result, we will update the estimated start dates on a site-by-site basis as we progress through the summer.

Registrants will receive a by-weekly status update along with a link to the updated schedule. They are asked to routinely review this page to stay up-to-date on any changes or delays. 

Site Name Estimated Start Date Status
School of Environmental Studies August 26, 2021 In progress
Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology Lab August 26, 2021 In progress
Feminist Legal Studies Queen's August 26, 2021 In progress
The University Club September 16, 2021  
Martin Research Group September 21, 2021  
Christian Leuprecht September 24, 2021  
Materials for Advanced Photonics and Sensing September 24, 2021  
Bendena Lab September 28, 2021  
Chin-Sang Lab September 29, 2021  
Dr. Robert G. May October 1, 2021  
Postovit Lab October 5, 2021  
Mclean Research Group October 8, 2021  
Scott Yam October 8, 2021  
Rauhlab October 11, 2021  
NEDSAC October 12, 2021  
Nanophotonics Research Centre October 14, 2021  
Graham Lab October 18, 2021  
Lonnie Aarssen October 19, 2021  
Keith G. Banting October 21, 2021