Callouts pre-dated buttons in WebPublish 2. They were a way for content editors to draw attention to a link and often included a social media icon.

WP2 Implementation

In WP2, callouts were added by copying and pasting markup like the following into the source code:

<div class="callout">

<p><a href="">WebPublish</a></p>


After the markup was inserted into the page, the user could switch back to the WYSIWYG editor and double click the default text to modify their link text and add a URL.

Migrating to WP3

Callouts are not a feature that are used in WebPublish 3 and instead have been replaced by buttons. Buttons can be added in a variety of colours and can include icons similar to the ones used in WP2 Callouts.

To migrate a callout to WP3:

  1. Navigate to the page where the button should be added.
  2. Locate where on the page the icon should be added. It will need to be added to a field that contains a WYSIWYG editor. This will most likely be one of the following places:
    • The main page body
    • An extra body paragraph
    • two column body paragraph
  3. To add a button link without an icon, follow the “Add button styling to a link in the WYSIWYG” tutorial:
  4. To add a button link with an icon, follow the “Combine button styling and Font Awesome for a link in the WYSIWYG” tutorial: