News and Event Content


In WebPublish 2, content editors could create news and event content to highlight important new items or activities happening within their department.

WP2 Implementation

In WP2, News and Event items were created with a combination of basic pages and taxonomy terms. Each site was built with a default “Tags” vocabulary in the taxonomy and included the terms “News” and “Events”. To add a news or event item, a content editor would create a new basic page. They would add all their content to the main page body. If they wished to include a teaser, they would expand the ‘Summary’ link to provide a short description that would be used on things like the News & Events blocks. They would then check the appropriate tag (i.e., news or events). The event date or publication date would be added to the “authoring information” tab at the bottom of the page.  

Migrating to WP3

In WP3, separate content types have been created specifically for news and event content. To migrate these types of content to WP3:

  1. Follow the tutorial to create the relevant content type:
  2. Any content in the WP2 Body field can be copied into the WP3 Body field
  3. Any content in the WP2 Summary Field can be migrated to the WP3 Teaser field
  4. The “Authored on” date can be migrated to the Published Date for News, and the Start and End Date for Events