News & Events Blocks


Like generic and menu blocks, news & events could be configured to appear in the different regions of a page. Like menu blocks, contents of news and events feeds are automatically generated and display news and event content from the site.

WP2 Implementation

In WP2, news and event blocks were added by going to Structure > Blocks. These blocks are created by default with the site and live in the “Disabled” section, until a site administrator chooses to configure it. They were called the View: Events and View: News blocks.

Migrating to WP3

In WP3, the news and event blocks have been replaced by the Feed Block (News) and Feed Block (Events) feeds in WebPublish 3. To migrate this content:

  1. Locate the page where the feed should be placed
  2. Follow the tutorial to add the relevant paragraph:
  3. In terms of placement, review where it’s placed on the WP2 site – if the blocks were configured to the postscript regions, continue to keep them toward the bottom of the page. If they were in the sidebar regions, you’ll likely want to place them higher on the page (although, avoid having them appear as the first element on the page). If the block was configured for all pages on the site, you can determine whether this is necessary, or if there is a page of particular importance that the block should be placed.