People Directory


In WebPublish 2, the people directory tool was used to allow content editors to build a dynamic directory of personnel within their department. There were two layout options available in WP2: an image layout and a table layout. A site would need to request the People Directory module to be enabled before they could start building a directory.

WP2 Implementation

In WebPublish 2, a specific content type was created for the people directory, called a directory entry. To add a new person to the directory, a content editor would create a new directory entry and fill in the individual’s profile information. Once the content was published, certain fields would automatically be pushed to a people directory view, which automatically aggregated all people directory entries onto one page. Users could build affiliations to help group individuals (e.g., faculty, staff, etc.) and subsequently allow site visitors to filter the directory.


Migrating to WP3

The People Directory entries should be migrated in automatically by the migration script. Check to make sure that there weren't any issues with the migration of the entries - you may need to manually upload the profile image files associated with each entry: 

  • navigate to the people directory entry page, and click "Edit draft"
  • scroll to the Photo field, and click the link to the image file
  • right-click the image and click "Save image as"
  • save the image to your desktop and upload it to the Photo field in the WP3 directory entry page (make sure you click "Open File Browser" to upload to the site's central repository


Review the[pubID]/people-search page to make sure that the directory entries are published and appearing correctly in the aggregated directory view. Check that they are being filtered according to the appropriate affiliations.