Site Header (Banners)


In WP2, banners were added above the menu bar and included the site title.

WP2 Implementation

There were a few different types of banners in WP2. Default banners were designed and offered by IT Services and University Relations. Sites could also opt to use custom banners. Custom banners could either have the text built into the image, or the text could be added on top of the image in the site’s appearance settings.

Migrating to WP3

In WP3, banners have been eliminated from the feed. There is no need to migrate a default banner from WP2 to WP3 – you’ll just need to make sure that the Site Name is added correctly.

If the site you are migrating uses a custom banner:

  1. It will be easiest to omit the custom banner in your WP3.0 site; however,
  2. If you wish to retain parts of the banner, you can save a portion of image to include in a site branding paragraph, along with some descriptive text about the site. If the banner included text (outside the site name), this can be included there.
  3. Follow the tutorial for adding a site branding paragraph: