Special Content Elements


Special content items are used to draw attention to special messages on a site. The most commonly used special content element in WP2 was the Informative Message element, however the Accessibility Message is another example of a special content element.

WP2 Implementation

In WP2, special content elements by pasting markup like the following into the source code of the page:

<div class ="info-message">
This is an informative message.

After the markup was inserted into the page, the user could switch back to the WYSIWYG editor and replace the default text, with the text they’d like displayed in the content element.

Migrating to WP3 

There is no feature equivalent to special content elements in WebPublish 3. A couple of options that you could consider for placing special content elements: 

  • Consider the Image (Banner) paragraph: if there is an image that would fit well as a full-width image, you could consider uploading it as an image banner and adding the special content information as the text on the banner. 
  • Consider the Circle Column Icon paragraph: consider adding the special content information to the Circle Column Icon paragraph, using a relevant icon
  • Consider including the information within another paragraph or WYSIWYG editor, along with a Font Awesome icon