In Drupal, the Taxonomy tool can be used to group content into categories that are applicable to the site. This content can then be automatically pulled in and displayed based on how they've been "tagged".

WP2 Implementation

In WebPublish 2, all sites were built with a single "Tags" vocabulary. The "Tags" vocabulary was associated with the Basic Page content type. A news article or event was created by tagging the basic page with the appropriate term in the Tags vocabulary (i.e., "News" or "Event"). The News and Events tags were added to the Tags vocabulary by default, but sites could add their own terms as well. Sites with the people directory enabled would also have an Affiliations vocabulary, associated with the People Directory Entry content type

Migrating to WP3

The Affiliations vocabulary should be migrated to WP3 automatically (if the people directory was used). Check to make sure the Affiliations vocabulary is there and the terms were entered as part of the automated migration. 

The Tags vocabulary will not be migrated automatically. These terms will need to be migrated manually. To manually migrate the Tags vocabulary: 

  • Review the terms in the Tags vocabulary by going to Structure > Taxonomy and select "list terms" for the "Tags" vocabulary - you'll need to evaluate whether each term was more likely affiliated with News/Article-type items or Event-type entries. 
  • If the term appears to be a News-related term:
    • in the WP2 environment, click "edit term"
    • in the WP3 environment, navigate to Structure > Taxonomy
    • In the "Tags" vocabulary, click "List terms"
    • Click "Add term"
    • Copy the Name and any Description from the WP2 term into the new WP3 term
    • Leave "Generate automatic URL alias" enabled, unless the user has specific an alternative URL (in which case, copy the alias)
    • Click "Save"
    • Repeat this process for all News-related terms
  • If the term appears to be an Event-related term: 
    • repeat the instructions for migrating the News-related terms but instead of adding terms to the "Tags" vocabulary, add them to the "Events" vocabulary in WP3

Once you've migrated the taxonomy terms, you'll notice that all News and Event content types, and associated paragraphs will allow you to tag/filter with the taxonomy terms. You'll need to make sure any old content that was migrated into new Article/Event content types get tagged with the appropriate tag. The easiest way to do this is: 

  • In the WP2 authoring environment, navigate to the aggregated term page (e.g., navigate to Structure > Taxonomy and select "list terms" for the "Tags" vocabulary. Click on the name of the tag to navigate to the aggregator page)
  • Review the list of content with this tag. Locate the WP3 equivalent for each piece of content, click "Edit", tag it accordingly and click "Save"
  • Repeat for each term.