In WebPublish 2, we offered a Webform module that allowed end users to build their own webforms. Use cases for these webforms ranged from simple Contact Us forms, to more complex application forms.

WP2 Implementation

To add a webform in WebPublish 2, a site had to request to have the module enabled. Once enabled, a Webform content type would be created on their site that provided a basic form builder functionality.

Migrating to WP3

A decision was made as part of the WebPublish 3 project to stop offering the Drupal Webform module, for security reasons.The following tools can be used as alternatives and embedded on the site:

  • Microsoft Forms: Microsoft Forms is a great choice for basic forms, like “Contact Us”, or simple sign-up/registration forms. The advantage of Forms is that it is available for any students, staff and faculty at Queen’s with an active NetID@queensu.ca to build forms in. 
  • Qualtrics: For more complicated forms that involve complex conditional logic or fields, site owners may wish to consider requesting a Qualtrics user account to migrate their WebPublish Webforms to.