A support initiative to facilitate the move to WebPublish 3.0

To support your move from WebPublish 2 to WebPublish 3, IT Services will be extending the offer for migration services into Fall 2021

Migration Support Initiative

**IT Services will be extending our support for sites requiring assistance into Fall 2021. Site owners who responded to the recent WebPublish 2 Site Status Survey indicating that they'd like support migrating their site will be registered automatically for this support.

What to expect

Migration support services will be provided at no cost to the site owner.

This service will support current WebPublish 2 (WP2) users in continuing their use of the WebPublish service in the upgraded environment as soon as possible. As a result, content will be migrated as is and will replicate the WP2 site as closely as possible.

Any work to clean up content or rework the structure of the current site is the responsibility of the site owner and must either be managed before migration or after the migration service has been completed.

While the new version of WebPublish includes many improvements to the user experience, theming, and layout options, the specialist will not make any changes/improvements to the site structure or content outside of what is necessary to map the content to the WebPublish 3 (WP3) layouts.

Where some changes to individual page layouts are required to build the page properly, these changes will be made at the discretion of the support specialist and will not require approval or consultation with the site owner.

Migration Schedule

If you have requested support, a schedule of site migrations will be shared with you on August 31, 2021 with a tentative start date for your site. 

We ask that you review the roles and responsibilities outlined on this page and complete the site owner checklist and responsibilities to make sure your site is ready for migration.



Your first meeting with your migration support specialist will involve a site review to ensure a common understanding of what will be migrated, to clarify how your content will map to WP3, and to provide an opportunity for the migration specialist to ask questions about your content.

We do ask that someone from your team be available during the course of the migration to act as a primary contact, in the event that the specialist has further questions.

Following this meeting, the migration support specialist will create your site and begin the migration of the site content.


When the migration is complete, the specialist will meet with you to review the site and obtain your sign-off.

The specialist will review your site based on a list of minimum requirements to go-live. If your site contains any red flags, you will be asked to resolve the issues or provide a plan for how you will address the issues by October 29th, 2021. We will then coordinate the go-live for your site immediately.

Sites launching as part of the migration service will not be required to undergo a review by the Website Governance Committee prior to going live. However, within 18 months, your new site will be reviewed and recommendations will be provided.


Your migration specialist will walk through the basics of your site prior to site sign-off and point you to training and resources.

Once your site migration is complete, it is again the responsibility of your site owner/administrator to maintain the site. IT Services will not be providing ongoing content services for WP3 sites. Site owners/administrators should be aware that they are responsible for ensuring that site content is in compliance with university accessibility and privacy policies.


IT Services

IT Services will: 

  • Provide a new site in the Basic WebPublish 3.0 environment to replace an equivalent, existing site in the WP2 environment.
  • Provide an estimate for how long your migration is expected to take and a tentative timeline for when your site will be migrated. We will inform you of any changes to this plan on an ongoing basis.
  • Consult with the site owner / administrator to ensure a common understanding of what will be migrated and how it may differ between WP2 and WP3.
  • Migrate all the site content and structure as it is on the WebPublish 2.0 platform, maintaining the original design and layouts to the best of our ability.
  • Reserve the right to modify individual page layouts at the discretion of the migration specialists, for the purpose of fitting content to the WP3 template/layouts. We will map these changes as closely as possible to the original WP2 site. 
  • Obtain sign-off from the site owner/administration once the migration is complete and direct them to available support and training resources.

Site owner / administrator

The site owner / administrator will: 

  • Review their site, removing any unnecessary content that they do not wish to be migrated, making any desired changes to the site structure, and reviewing site accessibility, prior to April 30, 2021.
  • Be available to the migration support specialist for an initial consultation, while the site is being migrated, should questions arise, and for a final sign-off of the site once the migration is complete
  • Be responsible for addressing any changes recommended by the Website Governance Committee, either before or after the site has gone live.
  • Be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the site once the migration is complete.

Site owner checklist

Review your analytics

If your site is tracked with Google Analytics, review the data available there. This information will be valuable as you work through the next steps on the site owner checklist. If you're not sure whether your site uses Google Analytics, or you don't have access to the site's data, please submit an incident with IT Services. Read more on insights and analytics

Review your menu structure

Review our information on usability, site structure and navigation and consider how the principles outlined there may apply to your site. If you wish to make any changes to the site structure, this must be completed on your current site before the beginning of your migration.

Review your content

Review our information on writing for the web and take some time to review the content on your site. Take this opportunity to remove any outdated information that should not be migrated into your WebPublish 3 site. 

Review your assets

WebPublish sites can often gather many images and files over time that are no longer used. Review the assets in your site's file repository and make sure that only the necessary files are present. Take some time to review our information on PDFs and downloads and using images to make sure the files remaining meet the necessary requirements.

Review your accessibility

Take some time to review your site in Siteimprove and address any issues that prevent your content from being WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. For more information on how to make your content accessible, visit our page on accessibility

Learn to use WP3

Once your site migration is complete, it will be up to you and any other site administrators to maintain your content. We encourage you to review the resources, tutorials and training videos on this site to get a head start on learning the WebPublish3 application. See also our service level agreements and WebPublish usage guidelines.