Example Layouts

Last updated: August 2022

Layout Kind and Link Notes
Accordion Container Example  
Accordion Tab Example  
Article Example The "Article" content type
Circle Column Icon Example  
Circle Image Column Container  
Column Card Example  
Divider Example  
Event Calendar Example See the calendar that is auto-generated at your-site/event-calendar once you have published events using the Event content type.
Event Example The "Event" content type
Extra Body Example A plain WYSIWYG editor with Source view
Feed Block (Events) and Event Examples Insert a feed of event notices published on the site
Feed Block (News) and Article Examples Insert a feed of news items published on the site
Feed Block (Legacy) Example
(or "Legacy Block View")
Do not use - this is an outdated layout option to be removed. See instead Feed Block (Events) and Feed Block (News).
Hero, Full-Width, and Slideshow Examples Select "Add Hero Image" at top of page above body content or  select "Add Slider / Image (with text overlay)" at bottom of page
Homepage Site Branding Example  
Image (Banner) Example  
Image (Large) Example  
Image Gallery Example  
Link Set Example  
Logo Set Example A useful tool for formatting partner and sponsor logos and links
Past Events Block  
People Directory Example The "People Directory" content type
Queen's Event Feed Example Embed a feed from Queen's Events Calendar
Queen's News Feed Example Embed a feed from Queen's Gazette
Staggered Blocks Example Text on one side, image on the other
Testimonial Example  
Text Grid Example  
Two Column Body Example Enter content in two columns.
Video Embed Body Example A container for a video with heading and boy copy and description options.
Video Embed Top (appears above body content)