Meet the Clubs

ACSAAfrican Caribbean Student Association (ACSA)

Advancing issues of importance to students of African and Caribbean descent and to those who are not of African or Caribbean descent but share a common interest.

In an effort to accomplish our goals, the club plans a wide variety of events ranging from educational, social, community outreach and sporting events to educate both the Queen’s and Kingston communities about the African and Caribbean cultural elements. We extend open invitations to all who are interested in learning about, participating and indulging in the African and Caribbean culture.





LGAC logoLevana Gender Advocacy Centre (LGAC)

The Levana Gender Advocacy Centre is a student-funded Queen’s University organization committed to creating and nurturing a radical community of Kingston students and residents. Devoted to fighting gender oppression and advocating for broad ideas of gender empowerment for those of any or no gender, Levana operates on anti-oppressive practices. We are committed to confronting all forms of oppression and working to dismantle oppressive systems and hierarchies including patriarchy, racism, white supremacy, colonialism, classism, cissexism, heterosexism, and ableism. Levana exists for anyone in the Kingston community, regardless of whether or not they are Queen’s students.





QBAS logoQueen's Black Academic Society (QBAS)

QBAS began in 2011 as a passion project seeking to advance Black academics and enrich the lives of self-identified Black students through a focus on education, equity, wellness and, issues pertinent to the Black community. Advocacy and seeking policy change on Queen’s campus is an important element of our mandate in addition to the variety of activities and initiatives we offer students. Our major events include our Real-Talk discussions, Black History Month celebrations and our annual Conference on the Future of Black Scholarship.







QUMSAQueen’s University Muslim Students’ Association (QUMSA)

QUMSA stands for the Queen’s University Muslim Students’ Association. We act as a focal point for Muslim students to meet for various acts of worship.

Our goals include:

  • providing a platform for the discussion of issues that are relevant to Muslims in the West
  • acting as an educational and spiritual resource (from surviving that first exam to dealing with the social stresses of a new environment)
  • increasing Islamic awareness while helping discredit a lot of misconceptions about Islam.

Not only do we provide students the opportunity to engage in spiritual activities, but we also interact with other clubs on campus, and with the general Kingston community. Where we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming platform for all students.