Yellow House and Student Affairs 

The Yellow House is located at 140 Stuart Street. This building is operated by the Division of Student Affairs as a dedicated space for student clubs committed advancing social justice, anti-racism, equity, diversity or inclusion on campus. The programs and functions of this House are meant to create a safe and accountable space for queer, racialized and marginalized students be themselves and to build community.

The Division of Student Affairs operates a strong mandate of building a collaborative and responsive campus community where every student and staff member feels a sense of belonging

The Yellow House is an important part of this plan. The administrative structure within the House consists of a Director who reports into the Assistant Dean, Student Life and Learning and Deputy Provost, Academic Operations and Inclusion. A Coordinator and Departmental Assistant report into the Director, and together this team acts as a conduit to resources and structures within the DSA to support and empower Clubs in the House to achieve their goals related to inclusion on campus. 

Clubs currently in the House

Placements in the House are open to Clubs ratified by the Alma Mater Society (AMS) or Society for Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) and who have goals associated with advancing inclusion on campus. In 2019 several Clubs expressed an interest for a placement with the Yellow House. Through an application process led by a committee, these four clubs currently hold a placement within the House:

Each of these Clubs contribute to the campus community by striving to advance social justice, anti-racism, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Read more about each of these Clubs.

Applying to get your Club placement in the House 

Any Club that is ratified by the Alma Mater Society (AMS) or Society for Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) and has goals associated with advancing inclusion on campus are welcome to submit an application for placement in the House for a three year term. Applications open any time space at the centre becomes available. Notice of space available will be communicated by the Deputy Provost, Academic Operations and Inclusion, the Yellow House and UCARE. Click to read about the Terms of Reference and application process.