Mental and Physical Wellness


This section contains a variety of wellness resources and services that are culturally sensitive, non-Eurocentric, and through a trauma-informed lens. These resources are organized into counselling, physical wellness, and talk-line categories, and pertain to your unique intersectionality. Click one below to learn more about it! 




Shannon Gendron is the LGBTQ2S+ Individual counsellor, who uses a feminist, anti-oppressive, intersectional, and trauma-informed lens in her practice. She is committed to empowering students in living meaningful, authentic, and self- compassionate lives that are aligned with their values. For more information, contact counselling services at Queen's.                                  

Dr. Arunima Khanna is a psychologist who provides counselling and therapy to racialized and international students, and training and workshops on multicultural competencies, cultural humility, and issues relating to diversity, equity and anti-racism.

Dr. Khanna also advises faculty, staff, student government and groups, and administrators on issues pertaining to the needs of students from diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, including international students. Her services and work are grounded in a multicultural framework that clients’ issues are informed by the social and cultural contexts within which they live.

To this end, she focuses on both individual and structural issues faced by clients, taking a strengths-based, social justice, and culturally informed approach to her work. To arrange a counselling session with her, contact counselling services at Queen's.                               

Black-identifying students can seek culturally sensitive counselling from Dr. E.L. Adams (Black identifying). E.L. offers clinical services in the Kingston area and Ottawa to support those facing mental health issues & challenges. Through therapy, the goal is for individuals to better understand themselves by identifying strengths while becoming comfortable with their shortcomings. E.L is not a full-time employee at the University, but he is contracted by them. If interested in booking a counselling session with him, contact Susan Daggit in counselling services at Queen's University.                               

A search engine for Black, female therapists.                                

A spreadsheet of Black female therapists in the GTA.                             



This service provides community mental health, addiction support and in-house programs spanning from anti-racism/anti-Black racism and anti-oppression frameworks.                                     


Yasmine Kowlessar a Queer, Trinidadian-Canadian woman uses her psychotherapy expertise in conjunction with her radical politics, intersectional feminist values, and lived experiences to support clients and their mental wellness. Appointments are offered to LGBTQ and BIPOC clients, including those with intersectional identities.                                   

The Peer Support Centre in collaboration with the Committee Against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination offers Peer to Peer support for self identified BIPoC students through (but not limited to) support sessions/consultations. Racialized students can seek support from other racialized students on matters relating to: stress grievances, financial assistance, oppression/discrimination, sexual assault, mental health, and more. Services are informed by values of confidentiality, acceptance, empathy, and community.

From Monday-Thursday, 10:00 am - 11:00 am and 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm, International Students can connect with an International Student Advisor via Zoom to get assistance on matters relating to navigating the local and academic culture of Queen's and Kingston, coping with homesickness, loneliness and isolation, and understanding and accessing health services. 

Lisa Doxator - the cultural counsellor at Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre - provides individual and group counselling as well as wellness and cultural programming for Indigenous students. Her therapy follows an integrative approach that includes Indigenous and Western pedagogies, while acknowledging and validating Indigenous Student's lived experiences and histories. If interested in arranging a counselling session with her, contact her via email. 

Counselling Services

Student Wellness Services offers a variety of virtual support and counselling services. For QTBIPoC students looking to access counselling, connect with one of the following counsellors who focus on QTBIPoC communities.
Take A Look


A toolkit for healing the four bodies: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.                                    

A health and wellness service that prides itself on serving alterative wellness support to BIPoC in Toronto and Supporting Communities.                                     

This program provides yoga classes with different ranges of commitment for BIPoC communities.                                     

Meditation and Mindfulness app for BIPoC communities.                                     

I Rise Yoga

"Everyone has the right to be well. We believe that wellness should be accessible, diverse, inclusive and equitable." - I Rise Yoga
Take A Look


A 24/7, toll-free mental health support available to undergraduate and MBA students at Queen's University. Services are confidential, multilingual, culturally sensitive, gender inclusive, and faith inclusive. If one is interested in support, they must provide their name and their affiliate school. Upon providing this information, a student can request immediate and non immediate support. Immediate support can be accessed in 35 seconds, whereas students who are not involved in a crisis will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule an appointment over the phone. This avenue of seeking support can take 2 weeks.                                     

A 24/7 (call or text) hotline (space for peer support and counselling, using a Black LGBTQ+ and Femmine lens).                                  

A 24/7 (call or chat) helpline that offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention to all Indigenous peoples across Canada.                                    

A free 24/7 support line for family, friends and community members who are being impacted by the loss of a missing or murdered Indigenous woman, girl, or Two-spirit person.                                    

A talk, text or chat that is culturally grounded and fully confidential for Indigenous women.                                    

This helpline provides Black youth with a positioned, resourced, and serviced platform to increase accessibility to professional and culturally appropriate resources.                                     

This talkline provides trans community with peer support and resources that they need, which are often overlooked by institutions and social welfare programs.                                     

The Steve Fund Crisis is a 24/7 nationwide textline that focuses on supporting the mental health and emotional well being of BIPoC individuals. This fund promotes text messaging as a means to increase the accessibility of mental health and crisis support for BIPoC students. To connect with this textline, text HOME to 741741 to connect with a trained crisis counselor 24/7.

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