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3 Minute Thesis


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​​Collage of Queen's 3MT participants


Graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to compete in the Queen's, Three Minute Thesis Competition held each year.  As we approach each year's competition, details of our participants will be posted as they are confirmed (not in any particular order), highlighting their program and their research.  

Joddi Alden

Name: Joddi Alden

Program: Gender Studies
Presentation: Labour, Migration and Neoliberalism: Undisciplined women

Nicolle Domnik

Name: Nicolle Domnik

Program: DBMS - Physiology
Supervisor: Dr John. T. Fraser
Presentation: A tale of two systems

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Name: Roland Eyssette

Program: Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: Phenomenology of pressurized tank explosion

Dilys Huang

Name: Dilys Huang

Program: Urban & Regional Planning
Supervisor: Dr Leela Viswanathan
Presentation: Condos, Lettuce & Tomatoes

Valeria Li

Name: Valeria LI

Program: Geological Sciences
Supervisor: Dr Kurt Kyser
Presentation: How climate can affect uranium-ore formation

Evelyn Popiel

Name: Evelyn Popiel

Program: Biology
Supervisor:  Dr Ian Chin-Sang
Presentation: Tiny worms and big questions: understanding nervous system development

Paul Whiteley

Name:Paul Whiteley

Program: Geography
Supervisor:  TBA
Presentation: Making motor vehicles: Lessons from Ontario, Canada and Java, Indonesia

Harkiran Kaur

Name: Harkiran Kaur

Program: Environmental Studiies
Supervisor: Drs Graham Whitelaw (Envs) & Dongmei Chen (Geog)
Presentation: Land-use change and surface water quality in the Cataraqui region (Ontario)


JOshua Moskowitz

Name: Joshua Moskowitz

Program: Psychology
Presentation: Investing in motor learning : When do we do it?


Amy Rentz

Name: Amy Rentz

Program: Civil Engineering
Supervisor : Drs Richard Brachman, Kerry Rowe and Andy Take
Presentation:Down-slope bentonite erosion from a geosynthetic clay liner

Amber White

Name: Amber White

Program: Education
Supervisor : TBA

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Name: Stephane Leahy

Program: Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: TBA

Tobi Moody

Name: Tobi Moody

Program: Law
Supervisor: Dr Bita Amani
Presentation: Protecting Traditional Knowledge from Biopiracy

Changhai Zhu

Name: Changhai Zhu

Program: Biology
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: Competitive angling tournaments as a sampling tool in fisheries research

Chenman Yin

Name: Chenman Yin

Program: Engineering & Applied Physics
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: Seeing the world at the tip of a laser beam

Fiona Haxho

Name: Fiona Haxho

Program: Biomedical & Molecular Sciences
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: Using G-Protein Coupled Receptor Agonists

Chris McNevin

Name: Chris McNevin

Program: Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: Air-conditioning using the sun's heat?

Mena Soliman

Name: Mena Soliman

Program: Microbiology & Immunology (DBMS)
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: Sneezing for science

Caleb Regier

Name: Caleb Regier

Program: Civil Engineering
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation:Structural capacity of deteriorated metal culverts

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Name: Michelle North

Program: DBMS - Post-Doc
Supervisor: TBA
Presentation: TBA

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Name: Kevser Aktas

Program: Mathematics - Post-Doc
Supervisor: Dr M.Ram Murty
Presentation: TBA