Plan Your Class Reunion

Class and club reunions are an important tradition at Queen’s University. Every fall, thousands of alumni return to campus to celebrate their class milestones. Reunion Coordinators and Class Volunteers are a key part of the success of our reunions.

A Reunion Coordinator is responsible for forming and leading a committee of classmates to plan an event or activity to celebrate the occasion of their Queen’s class reunion. Check the Classes, Clubs & Groups Directory to see if your class has a Reunion Coordinator.

Queen's Clubs and Teams also organize reunions with the support of our Alumni Officers.  If you're interested in learning more about a Clubs or Team reunion, contact our Reunions Team.

Reunion Planning Resources

As a Reunion Coordinator, you will work closely with an Alumni Officer on reunion planning and logistics. 

Alumni Officers & Class Reunions

Central Reunions Team

Carey Morrison or Kathryn Vilela,
Alumni Officers, Reunion, 1-800-267-7837

Smith School of BusinessGeoff Hendry,
Relationship Manager, 1-855-572-1536

Faculty of Law

Dianne Butler,
Alumni Relations Coordinator, 1-800-267-7837 ext. 78471


Development Officers & Class Giving

The Development Officer for your faculty, club or team is your contact for information and assistance with incorporating a class gift or other group philanthropic project into your reunion plans. They are also your key contact for faculty specific events taking place during Homecoming.

Smith School of BusinessCicely Johnston or Shelley Hamill
Relationship Manager, 1-855-572-1536
Faculty of Engineering and Applied ScienceAlaine Coschi
Development Officer, 1-800-267-7837 ext. 79533

Faculty of Health Sciences
(includes Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Rehabilitation Therapy)

David Young,
Development Officer, 1-800-267-7837 ext. 75607

Faculty of Law

Dianne Butler,
Alumni Relations Coordinator, 1-800-267-7837 ext. 78471


Role of the Reunion Coordinator

A Reunion Coordinator is a member of the Queen’s University Alumni Association (QUAA) and works in partnership with their Reunion Planning Committee and the department of Alumni Relations. It is a 5 year renewable term position.

If you’re interested in applying to be your class Reunion Coordinator, read through the Volunteer Role Description (PDF 139KB). Contact an Alumni Officer if you have any questions, and submit the signed form to your staff partner.

Many wonderful reunions are organized by a single Reunion Coordinator but to make it easier, we do recommend forming a group of key reunion planning volunteers. This is a great way to get more alumni involved and to share responsibilities.

Below is a list of general Volunteer Role Descriptions to help you develop a plan for a committee. If you are trying to recruit volunteers to assist in planning, our Reunions Team can help promote this position and share it on our Volunteer Job Board.

If these descriptions don't fit your group's needs, feel free to talk to the Alumni Officer about adjusting them.

Reunion Communications: 5th, 25th, and 50th+ Reunions

Queen's offers special programming for the 5th anniversary (as the first official reunion for a class or group), the 25th (Cha Gheill Anniversary), and 50th+ (Tricolour Guard Anniversary).

When a class or group reaches their 50th anniversary, they become part of a specially honoured group called the Tricolour Guard. Members of the Tricolour Guard are welcomed to reunion every year if they wish, with the full support of the Reunions Team.

If your class or group is celebrating one of these milestone anniversaries, the Reunions Officer can work with you to incorporate special programming into your own overall reunion plans.

If you are the Reunion Coordinator for a 5th reunion we invite you to join us in determining what the official 5th Celebration will look like. Contact the Alumni Officer, Reunions for more information on volunteering for the 5th Reunion Strategic Committee.

Reunion and Class Giving

Reunions are a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with classmates and celebrate your time at Queen's. Increasingly, classes are celebrating their milestone reunions by campaigning for a class gift. Class Giving Campaigns are a powerful way to collectively give back to Queen's in recognition of a milestone anniversary of your graduation and to create a legacy for your class.

The keys to a successful class giving campaign are you and a great committee.

You don't have to do it alone. Look to your classmates and ask for volunteers to sit on your Class Giving Committee. The more people you have engaged in the fundraising process, the easier it will be to get the rest of your class involved as donors.

Learn more about Class Giving.

Reunion Communications: Email

Emails are the most cost-effective way to promote your class reunion. Queen’s maintains a database of contact information for our alumni and can email your class on your behalf. We have provided a set of email templates below for your use when communicating with your classmates.

For Tricolour Guard (50+) classes, our Alumni Office will help organize one piece traditional mailing to any classmates who do not have an email address. Please contact Carey-Anne Morrison, Alumni Officer, Reunions, for more information.

Facebook, Twitter and online presence

Many classes choose to use Facebook Groups and simple websites to keep members aware of their activities. A Facebook Group or website is a great place to share key information on event dates, details, and costs. You can also post reminders for RSVP deadlines and contact information for the Reunion Coordinator and provide updates on the group's philanthropic activity with a link to donating online. Having an online presence increases your average attendance.

Check out Blogger, Wordpress, Weebly, or Squarespace - All four offer straight-forward, free or low-cost platforms for setting up a simple website.

We encourage you to set up a hashtag for your event and share it with our Alumni Social Media Coordinator. Please consider using the more inclusive hashtag of #queensufamily to reach our worldwide alumni network.

Reunion Merchandise

Many classes choose to design hats, shirts and other accessories to use at Homecoming. Please contact the Reunions Team for a list of Queen's approved vendors.

Plan Your Reunion in 8 easy steps

The following outline is a suggestion only. The Reunions Team will work with you to arrange a suitable schedule.

Step One: Getting Started

Step Two: Accommodation & Initial Communication

  • Book a block of rooms at a local hotel for your classmates (the Reunions Officer can help facilitate this).
  • Use this First Email Template (DOCX 17KB) to draft your first “save the date" email to your group. Seek feedback for various event options, call-out for assistance in tracking down "lost classmates", encourage people to book accommodation early.
  • The Reunions Team will take care of the production and distribution of the email to your classmates.

Step Three: Planning & Committee Organization

  • Meet with your committee (in person or via teleconference/email/Skype) to determine what kind of events/activities/merchandise you would like to have for your reunion.
  • Build a budget based on projected expenses to determine your reunion event price(s) per classmate/guest.
  • Decide if you would like to have registration/payment for your reunion listed on Queen's central registration site, or whether you would like to handle that independently.
  • If you choose to have registration/payment run through Queen's, fill out and submit the Financial Agreement. 

Step Four: Confirm your reunion plans

  • Book and confirm event venues.
  • Book and confirm event logistics, such as musicians, a/v equipment, speakers/special guests - for example, you can talk to your Faculty's Development Officer about inviting the Dean, current students, or other Faculty representative to address your group.
  • Finalize and confirm any custom orders for merchandise.

Step Five: Second Communication

  • Use the Second/Third Email Template (DOCX 18KB) to draft your second email to your group to let recipients know that online registration is open and to confirm new information on group-specific reunion plans, provide a reminder of accommodation option(s) and highlight your group's plans for a collective philanthropic gift.
  • Stay in touch with your committee and those who begin to RSVP.

Step Six: Third/Final Communication

  • Use the Second/Third Email Template (DOCX 18KB) to draft your final email to your group - this will be the last reminder for registration, confirmation of reunion plans/itinerary/costs and reminder of deadlines for accommodation and/or alternate options.

Step Seven: Confirm Event Logistics

  • Provide final expected attendee numbers to your event locations.
  • Confirm/follow-up with other suppliers and logistics partners (e.g. caterer, photographer, merchandise provider).
  • Work out how distribution of any pre-ordered merchandise will take place.

Step Eight: Enjoy your reunion!

  • Last pre-event connections with suppliers, logistics partners, and Queen's staff partners
  • Most important – enjoy your reunion!


  • Submit a list of reunion attendees to the Reunion Officers, as well as any new contact information updates received from your group.
  • Ensure all invoices are paid using revenue received from registrants. If reunion payment was coordinated centrally through Queen's, ensure all invoices are sent to the Reunions Team.
  • Share your feedback on your volunteer experience by filling out our post-event Reunion Coordinators survey.
  • Send the Reunions Officer any stories and photos from your reunion that you'd like to have posted on your Queen's class webpage.
  • Chat with the Reunions Officer about ways your group can stay in touch in between reunions
  • Let us know if you anticipate any changes to your Reunion Planning Committee for future reunions.
  • We'll see you in 5 years!