Introduction to Equity Diversity and Inclusion


Learning to Unlearn

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The course you are about to take is intended to work in conversation with other training sessions. This journey involves continual learning and deconstruction; we encourage you to practice self-reflection and critical thinking when encountering concepts that you have not heard before. This course will help you:

  • Understand the foundations of basic anti-oppression, diversity and inclusion concepts.
  • Understand the social dynamics of privilege and/or oppression and how it operates in individuals and oneself.
  • Recognize and see the value of diverse ideas, experiences and identities for the Queen’s community and beyond.
  • Feel equipped with strategies and tools to navigate and respond to difficult conversations.


Note: Ensure you have 30–minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this module. The module will time–out due to inactivity. Refreshing the page after time–out will cause previous progress on the module to be lost and you will need to complete the module again.


Thank you

Human Rights and Equity Office