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Staff Contact Information

Stephanie Simpson - Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion)

Stephanie SimpsonStephanie Simpson has worked in the Office since 1996. In 2018, Stephanie became the Associate Vice-Principal (Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion). Stephanie holds a Master of Education degree and a Master of Laws degree from Queen’s. Her research has focused on how racism and processes of racialization affect youth in smaller urban centres such as Kingston, as well as adjudicative silences with respect to racial inequality and access to justice for racial equality seekers. Stephanie represents Queen's on the Kingston Immigration Partnership Operations Committee Council, currently acting as the Council’s Co-Chair.

To schedule a meeting with Stephanie please contact Jill Christie at

Ruth Santamaria- Administrative Assistant

Ruth Santamaria has been in the Office since 1998 as the Administrative Assistant. As the front line person, Ruth is responsible for fielding inquiries made to the office as well as assisting with any questions that may arise. Ruth supports all staff and greets clients for the Advisory service.

Contact: or ext. 75139

Jermaine Marshall - Inclusion and Anti-Racism Advisor

Jermain MarshallAfter graduating with a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of the West Indies and a Master of Arts in Social Justice and Equity Studies, Jermaine Marshall joined the HRE Office in 2021 as the Inclusion and Anti-Racism Advisor. Jermaine is a central point of contact for individuals and units who wish to access all related anti-oppression and anti-racism initiatives, processes, and services at Queen’s. As an advisor Jermaine pulls from years of academic and professional experience in order to facilitate an intersectional approach to addressing issues of racism, discrimination and oppression.


Lavie Williams - Acting Associate Director Human Rights Advisory Services

Lavie WilliamsAfter earning her Bachelor of Science from Queen’s and then a Master of Arts in Human Rights from the University of Sussex, Lavie Williams joined the Office as the Inclusion and Anti-Racism Advisor in 2018. Lavie brings her passion for and experience with anti-racism and anti-oppression work to contribute directly in developing, implementing and monitoring institutional inclusion and anti-oppression strategies. Lavie is a central point of contact for individuals and units who wish to access all related anti-oppression and anti-racism initiatives, processes and services at Queen’s.

Contact: or ext. 77581

Nilani Loganathan - Human Rights Advisor

Nilani LoganathanNilani Loganathan joined the Office in 2019 as a Human Rights Advisor. Nilani supports students, staff and faculty at Queen’s by working with them to effectively address human rights- and equity-related concerns using a client-led and anti-oppressive approach. Nilani has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies and International Development Studies and has previously worked to advocate for international members of the Queen’s community.


Jill Christie - Manager, Data and Administration

Jill ChristieJill Christie is the Manager, Data and Administration and has worked in the Office since 2003. The majority of Jill’s time is spent preparing detailed reports as well as routine reporting and analysis to facilitate decision making and strategic planning of equity initiatives at Queen's. Jill administers the data systems that provide statistical profiles pertaining to the Federal Contractors Program (FCP), the QUFA Collective Agreement and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Jill also manages the administration of the Office.

Contact: or ext. 78940

Meri Diamond - Special Projects and Finance Officer

Meri DiamondMeri Diamond is the Special Projects and Finance Officer and has worked in the Office since 2005. Meri contributes to a broad range of office/ campus/ community projects that advance the University’s equity goals. Meri administers the I Count Queen's Equity Census process to all new employees and administers the Faculty and Staff Employment Equity Process.

Contact: or ext. 32563

Greg Naçu - Application Developer

Greg NacuGreg Naçu is the Application Developer and has been with the Office since 2014. Greg is responsible for creating new online applications, maintaining and updating existing applications for the Office. Greg also provides technical support and database administration services to the staff.

Contact: or ext. 32563

Q Lethbridge - Office Assistant

Q LethbridgeQ Lethbridge is the Office Assistant and has worked in the office since 2019. Q is responsible for scheduling Staff and Faculty training sessions relating to human rights, equity and inclusion.

Contact: or ext. 79576

Dre Choi - Equity Advisor

Dre ChoiDre Choi joined the HREO in 2021. As an Equity Advisor they contribute to the oversight function of the Office regarding the University's compliance and commitment to achieving equity at Queen's. Dre draws on their previous experience as a practitioner, researcher, and educator in equity, inclusion, and anti-oppression and applies a client-centered approach when meeting with members of the Queen’s community. They hold a Doctor of Philosophy from the Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s and an Honors Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto at Scarborough.


Emma McCallum – Equity Advisor

Emma McCallumEmma McCallum joined the HREO as a Special Projects Coordinator in 2022. Emma is responsible for training and advising academic and/or administrative units in implementing diversity and equity strategies using the Diversity and Equity Assessment and Planning (DEAP) Tool and Cyclical Program Reviews Process. Emma’s work also focuses on updating the Queen’s AODA Training suite and delivering training sessions on employment/educational equity, Gender and Sexuality, and more. Emma’s experience as an educator, Gender and Sexuality education consultant, and social services professional greatly informs her contributions to the HREO and Queen’s community. Emma holds a BA in Gender Studies and Indigenous Studies and BEd from Queen’s University. Emma is completing an MA at UofT (OISE) in Social Justice Education.


Justin Makasoff - Multimedia and E-learning Support Analyst

Justin MakasoffJustin Makasoff became a member of the team in 2020. He is responsible for researching and implementing educational technologies that facilitate learning.  Contact him if there are issues with educational materials.  Justin is always available on Skype if you need to speak with him.

Contact: or ext. 79576

Erin Clow - Associate Director, Education and Learning (On Leave)

Erin ClowErin Clow is the Associate Director, Education and Learning and has worked in the Office since 2014. Erin is responsible for the implementation of training and learning strategies relating to human rights, equity and inclusion. Erin holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Political Studies from Queen's University, a Master of Arts degree in Canadian and Indigenous Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Women Studies and Political Studies from Trent University.

Contact: or ext. 75260

Vanessa Yzaguirre – Equity Advisor (On Leave)

Vanessa YzaguirreVanessa Yzaguirre joined the Office in 2018 as the Special Projects Officer. Vanessa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications from Universidad Central de Venezuela and a Master of Arts in Gender Studies from Queen’s University. Vanessa is responsible for working collaboratively with academic and/or administrative units to implement diversity and equity strategies using the Diversity and Equity Assessment and Planning (DEAP) Tool and Cyclical Program Reviews Process. Vanessa also coordinates the Queen’s Human Rights Legislation Group, and delivers training sessions on employment and/or educational equity-informed initiatives and practices.

Contact: or ext. 75396

Barb Lotan - Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator

Barb Lotan Barb Lotan joined the University in May 2016. As SPVR Coordinator, Barb works closely with other campus partners on coordinating training and education related to sexual violence, and developing the University’s central sexual violence policy and other related policies on the Queen’s campus. Additionally, Barb serves as a point of contact to provide information to students who have experienced sexual violence about the services and supports available both on and off campus.

Contact: or (613) 533-6000 ext. 36330

Rebecca Rappeport (She/her) SVPR - Community Outreach and Student Support Worker

Photo of Rebecca RappeportRebecca has joined the HREO in 2022 as the SVPR Community and Student support worker. Acting as a central resource for education about sexual violence prevention and response, as well as a support for students who have been impacted by sexual violence, Rebecca brings with her more than ten years of community development expertise. After graduating with a B.A in International Development with a focus on Gender from the Univirsity of Guelph, Rebecca earned her M.A. in International Affairs from NPSIA where she focussed her research on sexual violence and prevention in development contexts. Rebecca applies an intersectional, anti-oppressive lens to all her work, with previous experience in sexual violence prevention and research, directly supporting survivors of sexual violence, reproductive health, and as advocate for youth with disabilities. Rebecca hopes to bring her previous experience to her new role to work collaboratively towards a campus free from sexual violence.


Andrew Ashby - Manager, Accessibility Services

Andrew AshbyAndrew Ashby is the Manager, Accessibility Services and has worked in the Office since 2015. Andrew is responsible for the coordination of accessibility initiatives throughout the University. Andrew works collaboratively within the Queen's community to provide skills and services that will ensure a coordinated approach to accessibility. As a person living with a disability himself, Andrew fully appreciates the significance of being able to work and learn at Queen's in a way that takes into account dignity, independence, integration, and equality of opportunity.

Contact: or ext. 75734