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Accessible Customer Service Online Training

To ensure that the University achieves regulatory compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, everyone who interacts on its behalf with the public must be trained in accessible customer service. This training requirement applies to all faculty, staff, student leaders, managers, department heads and senior administrators.

To fulfill its reporting obligations, the University is required to track all employees who complete the training. When you have completed the training, you will be asked to confirm your completion and provide your first name, last name and department, if applicable.

The course consists of three (3) modules and will take on average a little over one (1) hour to complete. You may complete all three modules in one sitting or you may bookmark and return where you left off to complete them at a later time.

Please consider visiting our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to questions like who this training requirement applies to or whether you have to complete the Queen's training even though you've completed similar training at another organization.

For these or any other questions about the training or the AODA, please contact the Equity Office.

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