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Career Week 2016 for Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows

Discover your career pathway

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Hosted by the School of Graduate Studies

Our third annual Graduate and Post-Doctoral Career Week will take place from October 11 to 14, 2016 with workshops that provide practical tips, useful strategies and discipline-specific advice that graduate students and post-doctoral fellows can apply as they plan a career in the post-secondary, public, private, not-for-profit, health or industry sectors. Together with our campus partners the School of Graduate Studies will host 11 workshops.  

The capstone event of Career Week is a networking reception, held at the beautiful Agnes Etherington Art Centre, which enable students and post-docs to put their newly honed networking skills to the test. It is anticipated as in previous years, that over 100 graduate students and post-docs will mingle with community members from local organizations, businesses and alumni.

Full program 2016 (78KB)

Career Week 2016 is now ready!  Take a look a look at what's on offer below.

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Career Planning: The Versatile Graduate: 10:00am - 12:00pm

Presented by Christine Fader (Career Services) - Are you wondering what career you might pursue after graduation? Join us in a guided and interactive workshop for graduate students  and post-doctoral fellow designed to explore the five questions that can help you identify possible career paths in your future. Come with an open mind — leave with a list of career possibilities..

Building Skills and Experience (Internships, volunteerism, student government, community engagement): 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Presented by Dr Justin Moores (Mitacs), Carey Bidtnes (Kingston Economic Development Corporation), Alicia Boutilier (Agnes Etherington Art Centre), Dr Erin Clow (Queen's Equity Office)   - The session aims to help students understand the value of experiential learning and of applying and refining their skills through community engagement (in all its forms). Alumni & professionals will outline how they have built their skills to complement their graduate training, and to share tips on getting started with experiential learning opportunities. This will be followed by an informal Q&A

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CVs & Cover Letters for Academic Job Applications: 9:00am - 11:00am

Presented by: Dr Marta Straznicky (English & SGS), Dr Betsy Donald (Geography) - Did you know that the terms “résumé” and “CV” are often used interchangeably, but are not the same thing? These next two workshops (CVs and Cover Letters: Academic Positions and Résumés and Cover Letters: Positions in Sectors Outside Post-secondary Education) will help you understand the difference and learn to produce effective CVs and résumés, as well as provide strategies for writing successful cover letters for positions within and beyond academia. Learn the purpose and components of a CV, effective ways of presenting and organizing information about your educational, employment, and community service achievements, and strategies for writing informative, engaging, and persuasive cover letters for academic positions. To get the most out of the workshop, please bring your draft CV to work on, as well as a particular job ad you would consider applying for. In the workshop, you will have an opportunity to customize your CV and cover letter for this particular position as well as learn general strategies that can help your application stand out. 

Résumés and Cover Letters: Positions in Sectors Outside Post-secondary Education: 11:30am - 1:30pm

Presented by Christine Fader (Career Services) - Learn how to articulate and present your transferable skills and your disciplinary expertise to employers outside the academic sector. To gain the most benefit from this workshop, please bring your CV or draft résumé (both if you have both) to work on, as well as the ad for a specific position you are interested in. You will learn about the purpose and organization of a résumé as opposed to a CV, as well as key components and strategies that make an effective cover letter for job applications outside academia. You will work on exercises designed to help you customize your cover letter to the specific position you wish to apply for.

Preparing for your Academic Career: 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Presented by SGS and Dr Nicolas Hudon (Chemical Engineering), Dr Brooke Cameron (English), Dr John Smol (Biology) - If you are seeking an academic career as a university professor, what can you do now to prepare? A panel of professors at various career stages from disciplines in STEM and Humanities/Social Sciences will give you their top strategies for increasing your chance of success in securing an academic job and succeeding in it. Topics include networking, publishing, teaching, research, service, and the job search.

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Interviewing for Business, Government & Non profits: 9:00am -11:00am

Presented by: Julia Blackstock (Career Services) - You already know that a successful interview can be critical to achieving your career goals. Learn how to conduct yourself and communicate in an interview so that, when given the opportunity, you are able to to demonstrate to employers that you are the one to hire. Also learn about how to gather the information you need to decide whether the position suits your interests and abilities. Our interviewing workshop is all about communicating—starting with you and what is important to you.
Gain skills in conveying key messages and responding to questions such as: “Tell me about yourself” and “What additional training would you most benefit from?” Learn from experienced alumni working in business, industry, and government and leave better prepared to present and market your abilities to prospective employers.

There’s Hope! (even for liberal arts)
Careers in the Public Service: How to Apply, How to Interview: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Presented by Dr Dean Oliver, Director of Research and Chief Curator at the Canadian Museum of History - A very high percentage of university graduate students are not hired by universities. So, who is hiring them, and what do these employers want?  This workshop, hosted by an academic-cum-public service research director, gives attendees some practical advice on key aspects of their career search. We’ll talk about professional skills and personal aptitudes, the meaning and implications of institutional missions and mandates, vision and career development, the importance of effective written communication, the dreaded interview, public speaking, pre- and post-interview techniques, and the implications of multidisciplinary and team-based working environments. Non-university employers want you. You just need to show them why. 

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Mock Interviews for academic positions - concurrent sessions: 9:00am -11:00am

STEM/Health Sciences: Presented by Dr Kim McAuley (SGS & Chemical Engineering), Dr Sharon Regan (Biology), Dr Bahman Gharesifard (Maths & Stats), Dr Jacqueline Monaghan (Biology) and post-docs, Scott Greenhalgh (Math) and Esther Valliant (Chem Eng).

Humanities/Social Sciences: Presented by Dr Marta Straznicky (SGS & English ), Dr Christine Sypnowich (Philosophy), Dr Dorit Naaman (Cultural Studies) and interviewees Jamie McKenzie-Naish (Cultural Studies), Ciara Bracken-Roche (Sociology), Valerie Michaelson (post-doc - public health sciences & religious studies)

Learn how interviewing in academia is similar to and different from other job interviews. Practice a strategy for dealing with behaviour-based interview questions and staying focused when talking about your past experiences. Identify key messages about yourself that you want to convey during an often multi-day interview. Get tips on how to: prepare for the interview, develop a list of questions that reflect your interest in the position and the organization, stand out from other candidates, and demonstrate the strengths that you bring to the position. This workshop also provides students with the opportunity to observe academic interviews in action as several graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who are on the job market will be interviewed for 15 minutes by faculty members acting as the hiring committee (provided with students’ CVs and cover letters in advance). Workshop facilitators will then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate's interview in discussion with workshop attendees. Attendees will gain valuable insight into the interview process and leave with practical tips and strategies for effective performance in an academic interview.

What Employers Want and the Employable You - concurrent sessions: 2:00pm-3:30pm

STEM/Health Sciences: Presented by - Dr Kristina Arseneau (Research Projects Advisor, health sciences, URS), Dr David Hyndman (Assistant Director, Industry Partnerships, Queen’s University), Dr Bruce Seet (Director, Medical Affairs, Sanofi Pasteur and President & Founder, Science to Business Network (S2BN))

Humanities/Social Sciences: Presented by - Dr Sheetal Lodhia (English alum, Executive Director, IPLAI, Institute for the Public Life of Art and Ideas, McGill University), Chi Yan-Lam (Education), Linda Grussani (Cultural Studies)

Panelists will outline their own career pathway and address the following questions:  How do I begin to identify skills gained in my graduate program; How do I translate these skills into a non-academic setting?; What are employers looking for? - theory and practice; How employers hire.  Panelists will then offer some tips on how to present yourself when looking for work and highlight what employers look for when they are hiring.

Career Week Networking Reception: 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Presented by - the School of Graduate Studies

This is your chance to ask questions of our alumni and businesses in Kingston and surrounds.

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