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How to Register 

We now have a new registration system for the Expanding Horizons workshop series.  This system will provide us with better reporting and will be much easier for you to register and to ascertain what workshops you have completed.

Any workshops that you have already completed, have been moved over to the new system, so nothing has been lost!

It is our wish that students and post-docs sign up for each workshop they wish to attend.  If at the last minute you find you are indeed able to come to the workshop then that is fine, provided that their is space.  You will be asked however, to sign up officially online after the session is over, so we can mark your attendance accordingly. You have till 10am the next day only to do that.

If you register and then are not able to come, please go back into the system and cancel. If workshop registered numbers are large, we will look for a bigger room, so knowing proper numbers makes that easier for us.

For workshops where there is a separate registration, such as Mitacs, you will need to register with Mitacs and us (see details below).  Your -participation in the workshop however is reliant on confirmation from Mitacs and Mitacs only.  We will be provided an attendance roster for all those confirmed and attended for our records.

As with any new system, we are endeavouring to find any issues early.  If at any stage you have difficulty registering, please contact Colette at the SGS office on steerc@queensu.ca   

Thank you for your help.

Registering for Mitacs workshops

Registration for Mitacs workshops is in 2 parts:
1. You must register with Mitacs via their website and wait for confirmation of participation from them.

2. Once (and only when) you have been confirmed in the workshop, go to our Expanding Horizons registration system and sign up there. This part is only to allow us to mark attendance so we can credit you for the course.

Do not sign up via our Expanding Horizons registration system until you have been confirmed by Mitacs. Mitacs are the only ones to advise whether you can attend the workshop or not.