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Georgia Fotopoulos, PEng.

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Professor Georgia Fotopoulos is a Geomatics Engineer by training and joined Queen's University in 2013. She received her PhD from the University of Calgary (Geomatics Engineering) in 2003 and was awarded an Alberta Ingenuity Post Doctoral Fellowship in 2004. In 2006 she started as an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto (Civil Engineering) and in 2010 joined the University of Texas at Dallas (Geosciences) as an Associate Professor. She is currently on the Editorial Board of three international peer-reviewed journals and recently co-authored a book on 'Geoid Determination: Theory and Applications'.

Research Interests/Current Research

Dr. Fotopoulos’ research focuses on physical and satellite geodesy, merging multi-platform geodetic data, positioning/navigation, height systems, and surveying.

Supervising Information

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in joining the Geophysics & Geodesy Research Group are welcome to contact me directly.

Professional Associations

Registered Professional Engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).

American Geophysical Union

Canadian Geophysical Union

American Society of Civil Engineers

International Association of Geodesy


Undergraduate Research Scholar Award (Advisor), The University of Texas at Dallas

Teaching Award - Civil Engineering - University of Toronto

Alberta Ingenuity Post Doctoral Fellowship

Select Publications

Walter C, Braun A, Fotopoulos G (2019) Impact of 3D attitude variations of a UAV magnetometry system on magnetic data quality. Geophysical Prospecting, 67(2), 465-479. 

Walton G, Fotopoulos G, Radovanovic R (2019) Extraction and comparison of spatial statistics for geometric parameters of sedimentary layers from static and mobile terrestrial scanning data. Environmental and Engineering Geoscience, 25(2), 155-168. 

Irwin K, Braun A, Fotopoulos G, Roth A, Wessel B (2018) Assessing single-polarization and dual-polarization TerraSAR-X data for surface water monitoring. Remote Sensing, 10(6).

Peidou A, Fotopoulos G, Pagiatakis S (2018) On the feasibility of using satellite gravity observation for detecting large-scale solid mass transfer events. Journal of Geodesy, 92(5): 517-528.

Harvey AS, Fotopoulos G, Hall B, Amolins K (2017) Augmenting comprehension of geological relationships by integrating 3D laser scanned hand samples within a GIS environment. Computers and Geosciences, 103: 1833-1841.

Irwin K, Beaulne D, Braun A, Fotopoulos G (2017) Fusion of SAR, optical imagery and airborne LiDAR for surface water detection. Remote Sensing, 9(9): 890.

Bolkas D, Fotopoulos G, Glennie C (2016) On the impact of a refined stochastic model for airborne LiDAR measurements. Journal of Applied Geodesy, 10(3): 185-196.

Bolkas D, Fotopoulos G, Braun A (2016) On the impact of airborne gravity data to fused gravity field models. Journal of Geodesy, 90(6), 561-571.

Bolkas D, Fotopoulos G, Braun A (2016) Assessing digital elevation model uncertainty using GPS survey data. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 142(3).

Walton G, Mills G, Fotopoulos G, Radovanovic R, Stancliffe S (2016) An approach for automated lithological classification of point clouds. Geosphere, 12(6): 1833-1841.

Bolkas D, Fotopoulos G, Braun A (2015) Comparison and fusion of satellite, airborne, and terrestrial gravity field data using wavelet decomposition. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 142(2).  

Mills G and Fotopoulos G (2015) Rock surface classification in a mine drift. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, GRSL-01078-2014, 12(6): 1322-1326.

Hsueh CCB, Fotopoulos G, Adve R (2013) A study on smearing due to ionospheric phase scintillation in spotlight SAR data. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(5): 1823-1837.

Mills G and Fotopoulos G (2013) On the estimation of geological surface roughness from terrestrial laser scanner point clouds. Geosphere, 9(5): 1410-1416.

Bolkas D, Fotopoulos G, Sideris MG (2012) Referencing regional geoid-based vertical datums to national tide gauge networks. Journal of Geodetic Science, 2(4): 363-369.

Fok HS, Shum CK, Yi Y, Araki H, Ping J, Williams JG, Fotopoulos G, Noda H, Goossens S, Huang Q, Ishihara Y, Matsumoto K, Oberst J, Sasaki S (2011) Accuracy assessment of lunar topography models. Earth, Planets and Space, 63(1): 15-23.

Morrow E, Mitrovica JX, Fotopoulos G (2011) Water storage, net precipitation, and evapotranspiration in the Mackenzie River basin from October 2002 to September 2009 inferred from GRACE satellite gravity data. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 12(3): 467-473.

Peterson EH, Fotopoulos G, Schmitt A, Zee RE and Roth A (2011) Registration of multi-frequency SAR imagery using phase correlation methods. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (IGARSS), 3708-3711.

Shum CK, Lee H, Abusali PAM, Braun A, de Carufel G, Fotopoulos G, Komjathy A, Kuo C (2011) Prospects of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reflectometry for geodynamic studies. Advances in Space Research, 47(10): 1814-1822.

Peterson E, Fotopoulos G, Zee R (2009) A feasibility assessment for low-cost InSAR formation flying microsatellites, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 47(8): 2847-2858. 

Rangelova E, Fotopoulos G, Sideris MG (2009) On the use of iterative re-weighting least-squares and outlier detection for empirically modeling rates of vertical displacement. Journal of Geodesy, 83(6): 523-535.

Rangelova E, Sideris MG, Fotopoulos G (2009) A dynamic reference surface for heights in Canada. Geomatica, 63(4): 333-340.

Braun A, Kuo CY, Shum CK, Wu P, van der Wal W, Fotopoulos G (2008) Glacial isostatic adjustment at the Laurentide ice sheet margin: models and observations in the Great Lakes region, Journal of Geodynamics, 46(3-5): 165-173.

Braun A and Fotopoulos G (2007) Assessment of SRTM, ICESat, and Survey Control Monument Elevations in Canada, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing. 73(2): 1333-1342.

Fotopoulos G and Tziavos IN (2007) On Theory and Practice: Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes and Their Influence on Navigation. Geomatica, 61(4): 470-475.

Valeo C, Fotopoulos G, Ho CLI, Farrell AC (2006) Monitoring Riparian Characteristics Using a Conceptual Hydrological Model: An example in Canada, Geomatica, 60(1): 13-20.

Fotopoulos G (2005) Calibration of geoid error models via a combined adjustment of ellipsoidal, orthometric and geoid height data. Journal of Geodesy, 79(1-3): 111-123.

Fotopoulos G, Sideris MG (2005) Spatial modeling and analysis of adjusted residuals over a network of GPS-levelling benchmarks. Geomatica, 59(3): 251-262.

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Petovello M, Fotopoulos G, Ryan S, Cannon ME, Lachapelle G (1999) GPS Critical Dates Test Plan. Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, 45(3): 281-291.

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