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D. Jean Hutchinson 

Ph.D., P.Eng., FEIC

Office:  Bruce 240
Phone: 613-533-3388


Professor D. Jean Hutchinson is the Department Head for Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, and is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada. A Geological Engineer by training, Jean practiced as an engineer for several years, first with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, and later with Klohn Crippen Consultants, before joining first the University of Waterloo and then moving to Queen’s University. Jean specializes in rock engineering, site characterisation and risk management for mining and transportation infrastructure, with a focus on landslide hazards.

Research Interests/Current Research

My research interests include multi-criteria risk assessment and management for geological engineering projects. I am interested in using new techniques for site investigation, including applications of terrestrial and aerial LiDAR and photogrammetry, and development of better tools for characterising rockmasses for engineering design. I have worked on developing risk based decision making, using geomatics and monitoring tools for large slopes. I have also conducted research on ground subsidence and geomechanics aspects of mine closure planning in the past.

Currently, I am a Principal Investigator on the Canadian Railway Ground Hazard Research program. My research is funded by NSERC, as well as by CP and CN Rail and Transport Canada.

Supervising Information

Most Graduate Students are co-supervised with Dr. Mark Diederichs (*), within the Geomechanics Group.

Currently Supervised

Day, Jenn.*  Ph.D. candidate.

Dr. Dave Gauthier, Post Doctoral Fellow

Kennedy, Cara.  M.A.Sc. candidate.

Ondercin, Matthew. B.A.Sc. 2013, research assistant.

Palleske, Cortney.*  M.A.Sc. candidate.

Kromer, Ryan. M.A.Sc. candidate.

Macgowan, Thomas. B.A.Sc. candidate - summer research assistant.

Recently Graduated

Delaloye, Dani.* M.A.Sc. 2012.
Development of a new methodology for measuring deformation in tunnels and shafts with terrestrial laser scanning (LiDAR) using elliptical fitting algorithms.

Bailey, Brennan. M.A.Sc. 2011.
Investigation into the source and progression of railway track ballast layer fouling material for the CN Joliette, QC Subdivision.

Kalenchuk, Kathy.* Ph.D. 2010.
Multi-dimensional analysis of large, complex slope instability.

Lato, Matt.* Ph.D. 2010.
Geotechnical applications of LiDAR pertaining to geomechanical evaluation and hazard identification.

Dunlop, Steve. M.A.Sc. 2010.
Rockslides in a changing climate: Establishing relationships between meteorological conditions and rockslides in southwestern Norway for the purposes of developing a hazard forecast system.

Quinn, Pete.* Ph.D. 2009. Co-supervised by Drs. Mark Diederichs and Kerry Rowe.
Large landslides in sensitive clay in Eastern Canada and the associated hazard and risk to linear infrastructure.

White, Maureen. M.Sc. 2007.
Geologic controls on instability in WWI excavations, Canadian National Memorial Site, Vimy, France.

Professional Associations

Professional Engineers Ontario, Registered Professional Engineer.

Engineering Institute of Canada, Fellow.

Canadian Geotechnical Society, Member.

International Society for Rock Mechanics, Member.

International Association of Engineering Geologists, Member.

Publications : Refereed

Book Chapters

Kalenchuk, K.S., Hutchinson, D.J., Diederichs, M.S., and Moore, D. 2012. Downie Slide, British Columbia, Canada. Landslides: Types, Mechanisms and Modeling, (eds. J.J. Clague and D. Stead), Cambridge University Press: 345-358.

Hoek, E., Hutchinson, D.J., Kalenchuk, K.S. and Diederichs, M. 2009. Influence of in situ stresses on open pit design, Appendix 3 in Guidelines for Open Pit Design, (eds. J. Read & P.F. Stacey). CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne: 437 - 445.


Kalenchuk, K., Diederichs, M., Hutchinson, J. 2012. Geomechanical interpretation of Downie Slide considering field data and three-dimensional numerical modelling. Landslides. LASL-253R3, accepted 1 Oct 2012.

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Lato, M., Diederichs M.S., Hutchinson, D.J., Harrap, R. 2012. Evaluating roadside rockmasses for rockfall hazards from LiDAR data: Optimizing data collection and processing protocols. Natural Hazards, 60, 831–864.

Quinn, P.E., Hutchinson, D.J., Diederichs, M.S., Rowe, K. 2011. Characteristics of large landslides in sensitive clay in relation to hazard and risk. Can. Geot. J., 48(8), 1212-1232.

Quinn, P.E., Diederichs, M.S., Rowe, K., Hutchinson, D.J. 2011. A new model for large landslides in sensitive clay using a fracture mechanics approach. Can. Geot. J., 48(8) 1151-1162. Winner of the 2012 R.M. Quigley Award, Canadian Geotechnical Society.

Lato, M., Diederichs, M., Hutchinson, D.J. 2010. Bias correction for Lidar scanning of rock outcrops for structural characterization. Rock Mechanics & Rock Eng., 43(5), 615-628.

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Lato, M., Diederichs, M.S., Hutchinson, D.J., Harrap, R. 2008. Optimization of LiDAR scanning and processing for automated structural evaluation of discontinuities in rockmasses. Int. J. Rock Mech. & Min. Sci., 46(1), 194-199.

Lato, M., and Hutchinson, D.J. 2008. Mining for LiDAR data. (Cover feature article). Professional Surveyor Magazine. February.

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Conference papers are available upon request.

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