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Heather Jamieson grew up in Noranda, Quebec and is now a Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. She also holds an appointment and teaches courses in the School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s. Her expertise is in the area of environmental geochemistry, particularly the mineralogical controls on the mobility of metals and metalloids (notably arsenic) in mine waste and the application of synchrotron-based X-ray experiments and other microanalytical methods to metal speciation in mine tailings, soils, sediments and household dust.  Much of her fieldwork is in the Canadian Arctic but she has also conducted research in Nova Scotia, California, Montana, Spain and Australia.

Research Interests/Current Research

Environmental Geochemistry and Mineralogy, Environmental Impact of Mining

Supervising Information

New projects are always available. Please contact me if you are interested in joining our research group.

Current and recently completed:

Andrew Gault PDF Sole
Faith Opio  PhD Co-supervised with J. Peacey, Mining
Stephanie de Sisto PhD Co-supervised with M. Parsons, GSC
Bartholomew Warren PhD Sole
Karina Lange PhD Co-supervised with K. Rowe, Civil
Skya Fawcett PhD Sole
Anežka Radková PhD Sole
Heather Sealey MSc Sole
Jessica Drysdale MSc Co-supervised with D. Fortin, UOttawa
Heather Jaggard MSc Sole
Mackenzie Bromstad MSc Sole
Julienne McLaughlin MES Co-supervised with G. Whitelaw, Env Studies
Tyler Nash MSc  Sole
Colin Purdy MSc Sole
Allison Laidlow MSc Co-supervised with M. Parsons, GSC
Drew Stavinga MSc  Sole
Rebecca Goldberg MES Co-supervised with G. Whitelaw, Env. Studies
Martha Buckwalter-Davis MSc Sole
Kristina Skeries MSc Sole
Mitchell Skuce BSc Sole
Julia Horvath BSc Sole
Sharon Zheng BSc Co-supervised with G. Whitelaw, Env. Studies
Cirisse Stephen BSc Sole


Professional Associations

Mineralogical Association of Canada, Mineralogical Society of America, Geological Association of Canada, Geological Society of America, Association of Applied Geochemists, International Medical Geology Association


Recent publications (student and postdocs noted in bold)

1. Jamieson, H.E.,Gault, A.G. 2012. Application of synchrotron microanalysis to studies of soils, sediments, dust and mine waste. In: Quantitative Mineralogy and Microanalysis of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks, Mineralogical Association of Canada Short Course 42, ed. P. Sylvester,  St. John’s NL, May 2012,  35-53.

2. Hudson-Edwards, K. A., Jamieson, H.E., Lottermoser, B.G. 2011. Mine Wastes: Past, Present, Future. Elements, Special Issue on Mine Wastes, 375-380.

3. Jamieson, H.E. 2011  Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Solid Mine Waste: Essential Knowledge for Predicting Environmental Impact. Elements, Special Issue in Mine Wastes, 381-386.

4. Opio, F., Peacey, J., Jamieson, H.E. 2011 Tooeleite as a new possibility for arsenic fixation: thermal decomposition and stabilisation. Environmine 2011, Proc. 2nd Interntl. Sem. Env. Issues Mining Industry, Santiago, Chile.

5. Jamieson, H.E., Walker, S.R., Parsons, M.B., DeSisto, S., Wrye, L.A., Kavalench, J. 2011. Risk associated with the weathering of arsenopyrite from gold deposits. Environmine 2011, Proc. 2nd Interntl. Sem. Env. Issues Mining Industry, Santiago, Chile.

6. Bromstad, M., Jamieson, H.E. 2011 The persistence and mobility of roaster-derived arsenic in surface soils at Giant mine, NWT. Mining and the Environment International Conference V, Sudbury, ON

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8. Drysdale, M., Ljung, K., Jamieson, H.E., Weinstein, P., Cook, A., Watkins, R.T. Evaluating the respiratory bioaccessibility of nickel in soil through the use of a simulated lung fluid. Environ Geochem Health DOI 10.1007/s10653-011-9435-x. Accepted April 11, 2011.

9. Bromstad, M., Jamieson, H.E. 2012 Giant Mine,Yellowknife, Canada: Arsenite waste as the legacy of gold mining and processing. Chapter 2 (page 25-42) in The Metabolism of Arsenite (eds.) J.A. Santini and S.A. Ward. Volume 5 of the series Arsenic in the Environment. CRC Press ISSN: 1876-6218.

10.  Fawcett, S.E. , H. Jamieson, D. Nordstrom, B. McClesky  Recognizing the Distinct Geochemical Nature of As and Sb associated with mine-waste, sediment, and water at the Giant Mine, Yellowknife. Accepted December 2011.

11.  Walker, S.R., Jamieson, H.E., Lanzirotti, A., Hall, G. E. M., Peterson, R.C. The effect of ore roasting on arsenic oxidation state and solid phase speciation in gold mine tailings. Applied Geochemistry, In Press.

12.  Walker, S.R., Jamieson, H.E., Rasmussen, P.E. 2011 Application of synchrotron microprobe methods to solid-phase speciation of metals and metalloids in house dust. Environmental Science & Technology 45, 8233-8240.

13.  Jamieson, H.E., Walker, S.R., Andrade, C.F., Rasmussen, P. Beauchemin, S., Lanzirotti, A., Parsons, M.B., Wrye, L.A.  2011 Direct identification of metal compounds in contaminated soil, mine tailings, lake sediments and house dust using synchrotron-based microanalysis. Accepted by Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, 17: 1292–1309.

14.  Corriveau, M.C., Jamieson, H.E., Parsons, M.B., Hall, G.E.M. 2011 Mineralogical characterization of arsenic in gold mine tailings from three sites in Nova Scotia, Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis 11, 179-192.

15.  DeSisto, S., Jamieson, H.E., Parsons, M.B. Influence of hardpan layers on arsenic mobility in historical gold mine tailings. Applied Geochemistry 26, 2004-2018

16.  Corriveau, M.C., Jamieson, H.E., Parsons, M.B., Campbell, J.L., Lanzirotti, A. 2011. Direct characterization of airborne particles associated with arsenic-rich mine tailings: Particle size, mineralogy and texture. Applied Geochemistry 26, 1639-1648.

17.  Osborne, T.H., Jamieson, H.E., Hudson-Edwards, H.E., Nordstrom, D.K., Walker, S.R., Santini, J.M. 2010. Microbial oxidation of arsenite in a permafrost environment: diversity of arsenite oxidase genes and identification of a new psychrotolerant arsenite oxidiser. Accepted by BMC Microbiology 10, 205..

18.  Fawcett, S.E., Jamieson, H.E. 2011. The Distinction between ore processing and post-depositional transformation on the speciation of As and Sb in mine waste and sediment   Chemical Geology 283, 109-118.

19.  Lange, K., Rowe, R.K., Jamieson,H., Flemming,R., Lanzirotti, A. 2010. Characterization of geosynthetic clay liners using micro-analytical methods: Implications for metal mitigation. Applied Geochemistry. 25, 1056-1069.

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29.  Laird, B.D., Van De Wiele, T., Corriveau, M., Jamieson, H., Siciliano., S.D. 2007 Gastrointestinal microbes increase arsenic bioaccessibility of ingested mine tailings using the Simulator of the Human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME). Environmental Science and Technology 41, 5542-5547.

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