Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Eric Bateman

Ph.D. Candidate
Medieval History



BA -- History -- University of Lethbridge, 2012
MA -- History -- Queenʼs University, 2014


I am primarily interested in the history of religious identities and the ways in which religious devotion was shaped by interactions with people of different faiths, with a concentration on Muslim and Christian interactions in the medieval Mediterranean region. Under the supervision of Dr. Adnan Husain I completed my masterʼs degree with a project on medieval Islamic travellers and their representations of religious difference in their travel writings. In my dissertation, I hope to examine religious doubt during the later Crusades, which I hope will lead to novel ways of thinking about the Middle Ages, often thought of as the “Age of Faith.”

Conference Presentations

“Claimed for the One True God: Religious Identity and Assertions of Crypto-Devotion in the Medieval Mediterranean.” McGill-Queenʼs Graduate Conference in History, McGill University, 2014

“Appropriation or Propagation?: Instances of Borrowing in Ibn Battutaʼs Travel Narrative.” Tenth Annual Conference on the Study of Book Culture, Brock University, 2014