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The End to Hate Project

Hate crime and hate propaganda have long been issues of concern for Kingston and Queen's University community members. While the community has come together on many occasions to condemn blatant forms of harassment and discrimination, hate activity can, at times, be a challenge to address. How do we seek justice for crimes committed under the cloak of anonymity?  How do we negotiate fine lines between freedom of expression and respect for the rights and dignity of communities vulnerable to hateful attacks?

This project is part of a series of initiatives developed by the AMS Social Issues Commission and the Queen's Human Rights Office to respond to the issue of hate groups and hate activity, and to educate community members about these issues.

It is hoped that the information presented here will help raise awareness as well as provide useful and accessible resources for addressing hate activity.

Ending hate is everyone's responsibility - from Queen's students, staff, faculty and administration to Kingston community members. Please join us in stopping the injustice of hate.