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Resources for International Visitors and their Hosts 

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In order for your visitor to be able to apply for a work permit, Queen’s will have to provide a reference number that is generated through the new CIC Employer Portal (replacing Form IMM5802) and pay a $230 processing fee. The Employer Portal became active on October 26th, and to date Queen’s is still working on getting it set up so that applications can be processed. As the Portal is an entirely on-line process with a single entry point, we are working with various units within the University to establish new procedures. It will likely take about 3 weeks before the portal entry is up and running and we can accept applications for processing. Please watch for emails with further information on this, we will provide it as quickly as possible as the Portal is operationalized here at Queen’s.

Timelines for visa approvals can be lengthy and will vary widely depending on:

  • the visitor's citizenship, 
  • country of residence,
  • time of year, and current workload at the visa office.

It is not possible to contact the visa office or other government officials to speed up processing.

This web site has been created to offer step-by-step guidance to academic visitors and the Queen's departments inviting them. Every effort will be made to ensure that the content is kept current. To suggest changes/updates or ask questions, please contact Monica Stewart,Faculty Recruitment and Support Program.


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