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The Queen's Positive Space Program

UPCOMING SESSIONS (E-mail posspace@queensu.ca to attend):

1. Wednesday, Nov. 2nd, 4:00-6:00 pm

2. Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 3:00-5:00 pm

3. Thursday, Nov. 24th, 3:00-5:00 pm

Celebrating Sexual and Gender Diversity at Queen's since 1999

The purpose of the Positive Space Program is to identify and encourage the development of positive spaces within the Queen's Community, and to empower members of the Queen’s Community to be agents of positive change.

The program exists to help facilitate the celebration of sexual and gender diversity at Queen’s in all its manifestations, such that all members of the Queen’s community are affirmed and supported.

Sponsored by the students of Queen's University and these groups:

Logo: EQuIP - Education on Queer Issues ProjectLogo: OPIRG KingstonLogo: Queen's Human Rights Office

The Positive Space Program runs three different information sessions:

  1. Standard Positive Space Information Session - 2 hours; qualifies you to become a participant in the program and to receive a Positive Space sticker.

  2. Sexual and Gender Diversity Seminar - 1-1.5 hours; integrates practical examples/scenarios into discussions about terms relating to sexual and gender diversity, does not qualify one to become a participant in the program.

  3. Tailored Information Session - 2 hours; make a request to have a session tailored to the wants and needs of your particular group. Examples of sessions we’ve run in the past include one for queer-positive teacher candidates, one for medical students, and one for law students. The main difference lies in the scenarios you are presented with.

To inquire about any of the programs listed above, to learn more about Positive Space, or to become involved in the program’s delivery, please e-mail Jean at posspace@queensu.ca.