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School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies

Staff and Administrative Officers in the School of Graduate Studies


Position Name Ext Email
Receptionist / Administrative Secretary Nancy Hicks 77303
Receptionist / Clerk Barbara Quesnel 79351
Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Brenda Brouwer 36079
Assistant to the Dean Kristin Cliff 77311
Associate Dean Marta Straznicky 36079
Associate Dean Kim McAuley 36079
Director, Admissions and Student Services Monica Corbett 77309
Director, Finance & Administration Linda Lam 75549
Web Developer Luke Storms 32763
Coordinator, Communications and Post-Doctoral Training Vicky Arnold 75356
Recruitment & Events Manager Colette Steer 78776
SGS Graduate Counsellor

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Anja Troje