School of Graduate Studies

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies


The graduate courses offered, and the content of those courses, vary from year to year according to interests of members of the Department and students. A list of the expected offerings and detailed course descriptions is available from the Department. Students should consult or write the Coordinator of Graduate Studies with respect to courses offered.

Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) are three term hours (3.0 credit units).

PHIL-802*     Moral Philosophy I     
Winter. C. Sypnowich.

PHIL-803*     Moral Philosophy II     

PHIL-805*     Social and Political Philosophy I     
Fall. W. Kymlicka

PHIL-806*     Social and Political Philosophy II     
Winter. A. Macleod

PHIL-807*     Social and Political Philosophy III     
Fall. D. Miller

PHIL-808*     Philosophy of Law     

PHIL-809*     Colloquium in Political, Legal and Moral Philosophy     
This course examines new work in political, legal and moral philosophy or at the interstice of these three. One 3-hour seminar. Fall. J. Thomas, G. Webber

PHIL 810*     Topics in the History of Philosophy     3s
An in-depth of examination of a central figure or topic in the history of Philosophy. Particular topic in any year will be determined by the instructor. Fall; R. Murty.

PHIL-812*     Philosophy of Culture     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-820*     Ethical Issues I     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-821*     Ethical Issues II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-831*     Ancient Philosophy I     
Winter. S. Leighton

PHIL-832*     Ancient Philosophy II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-835*     Modern Philosophy     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-836*     19th Century Philosophy     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-841*     20th Century Philosophy I     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-842*     20th Century Philosophy II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-845*     Major Figures I     
Winter. J. Miller

PHIL-846*     Major Figures II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-847*     Major Figures III     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-850*     Epistemology I     
Winter. D. Bakhurst

PHIL-851*     Epistemology II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-852*     Metaphysics I     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-854*     Feminist Philosophy     
Winter. J. Davies

PHIL-859*     Philosophy of Language I     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-860*     Philosophy of Language II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-863*     Metaphysics II     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-864*     Philosophy of Mind     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-866*     Philosophy of Art     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-867*     Hermeneutics     
Fall. P. Fairfield

PHIL-870*     Philosophy of Science     
Fall. J. Mozersky

PHIL-871*     Philosophy of Medicine     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-873*     Philosophical Logic     
Winter. TBA

PHIL-893*     Ethics and the Environment     
Fall. M. (Mick) Smith

PHIL-897*     Ethics and Animals     
Not offered 2016-17.

PHIL-898     Master's Research Project     

PHIL-899     Master's Thesis Research     

PHIL-989*     Clinical Practicum in Biomedical Ethics     

PHIL-990*     Philosophical Methods     

PHIL-991*-995*     Special Directed Studies     

PHIL-999     Ph.D. Thesis Research