Evolutionary Bioinformatics - Corrections

Unfortunately, there are a few errors - hopefully not too disruptive. The following list may assist those who wish to manually correct, or update, their personal copies.

42. "large chicken intron is shorter than" not "chicken intron is four-tenths the size of" [See also Hughes & Friedman (2008) Journal of Molecular Evolution 25, 2681-88.]

50. "theoretically" not "theoretical"

51. "understand" not "understanding"

57. "of diverse types" not "of diverse of types"

95. "composition-dependent" not "composition composition-dependent"

139. Strictly, with reference to Figure 7-4, we might write "linear evolution", not "linear, within-species, evolution." since, as a species survives the slings and arrows of natural selection it is likely to change and evolve linearly into a new species, defined by its members having become, at some time-point, reproductively incompatible with members of the extinct ancestral species (were they still around for a test cross). 

161. "nearly homologous" not "homologous"

176. "Epilogue. In contrast" not "Epilogue.In contrast"

217. "this is close to the location" not "this is the location" [unfortunately this error is carried forward into p. 259 of the second edition. DRF 2013]

235. "codon positions - those" not "codon positions.- those"

256. "presence of a countermanding" not "presence a countermanding"

266. "an open single strand" not "a single strand"

271. [The "RNA-antigen" thesis is supported by studies of the CRISPR phenomenon in bacteria (2007; Science 315, 1709)]

347. "may be stored" not "is stored"

409. The reference of Lewes is on page 364, not 363.

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