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Bateson could not recollect having met H. J. Muller during his 1921 visit to the USA (see page 481). However, James Schwartz in In Pursuit of the Gene. From Darwin to DNA (Harvard University Press, 2008, page 326) noted that Muller recalled meeting Bateson at Morgan's house prior to traveling to Toronto:

"When Muller finally met William Bateson in New York in 1921, he was dismissive of Bateson and described him as 'old school' and 'unjustifiably famous' - -  . But Muller had failed to appreciate that it was Bateson, via his disciple and colleague Robert Lock, who had won him over to the study of genetics in the first place."

      Unfortunately,Treasure Your Exceptions has textual errors. The following list may assist those who wish to manually correct their personal copies. 

      I much appreciate the detailed study by Rosemary Harvey whose comprehensive amendments were interposed in the list below in Nov. 2009. While initially Bateson directed The John Innes Horticultural Institution, we have abbreviated this throughout as the John Innes Institute, or the John Innes. It now forms part of the John Innes Centre. Just to confuse everyone, the spelling in quotations usually follows the English dictionary (or the writers' idiosyncrasies as we deciphered the writing), whereas the text tends to follow North American dictionaries (implemented either by us or by the Pondicherry proof-readers). Throughout Athanaeum is spelled Athaneum.

      Following the 2008 publication of the biography, the Bateson story was updated in various articles that may be found in these webpages. For the sesquicentennial of his birth (2011), I wrote a special paper that, failing to find a journal that would accept it, was eventually deposited in the Social Sciences Research Network (Forsdyke, D. R. (2016) William Bateson, black slavery, eugenics and speciation: The relative roles of politics and science. (Click Here) ). The story of Bateson's most important mentor, W. K. Brooks, is further updated in History of Psychiatry (2015: Click Here ).

     [Queen's University's change of web-server (2020) required, here, removal of acute accents, etc., from some non-English words.] 




xi. "botanists" not "botanist"; "naturforschenden" not "naturforschended"

xii. "historians who came" not "historians who come"

xiii. "associate" not "associated"; "make" not "makes"

xv. "Kasserjian" not "Kasserjain"

xviii. "lustre" not "luster"

xx. "1888-1889" not "1898-1899"

4. "Bursar" not "Burser"

11. "an honor" not "and honor"

19. "is in Bateson's library" not "is not to be found in Bateson's libary" [The original statement is technically correct but, thank you Sarah Wilmot (2014), at some point the book, which has WB's undated signature, was moved in the John Innes collection from the Bateson's Library section to the general History of Genetics section, where DRF overlooked it.]

35. "Balanoglossus" not "Balanglossus"

40. "[Bell]" not "[Duncan]"

47. "augur" not "auger"; "Brooks" not "Brooks'"

65 & 67. "discernible" not "discernable" [Galton got it right]

69. "De Vries held" not "De Vreis held"; "those hereditary elements" not "those heredity elements"

70. "leaves" not "leafs"; "Bateson's" not "Bateson"

71. "with some degree of accuracy" not "with a some degree of accuracy"

78. "wanderings" not "wonderings"

79. "pickle" not "picker"

80. "oracular" not "cracular"

92. "Bateson sought" not "Bateson's sought"

96. "that my" not "that her"

105. "thrown" not "throw"

129. "marvellous" not "marvelous" [somewhere along the line Huxley's spelling was discarded]

132. "by Romanes" not "by Romanes's"; "One of " not "It is likely that one of"

141. "Correns" not "Corrins"

143. "Madeira" not "Madiera"

148. "baby cuckoo" not "baby cockoo"

157. "wrested" not "wrestled"

159. "Telegony" not "Telogony"

160. "Biscutella" not "Biscatella" and "vespertina" not "verpurtina" 

161. "with the Scientific" not "with Scientific"

162. "in spite of" not "inspite of"

163. "Amphidasys" not "Amphidasis"

176 "Larmor" not "Larmer"

178. "measurable" not "measureable"

179. "all-or-none" not "all-or-non"; "On this occasion" not "In this occasion"

185. "P. L. Sclater" not "P. J. Sclater"; "wrote to Sclater" not "wrote to Schlater"

187. "Mevrouw" not "Meurouw"

197. "Botanische" not "Botanishe"; "Gesellschaft" not "Gesellshcaft"

201. "Nageli (whom many think" not "Nagali (whom many think"

209. "Matthiola" not "Mattiola"

218. "Beatrice noted" not "Beatrice"

219. "f.l." not "f. l."

226. "Staples Browne" not "Staples Brown"

229. "eyes were now" not "eyes now"

258. "l'hybride ne saurait" not "l'hybrid ne saurait"

264. "defections" not "defects"

273. "Belgian hare" not "Belgium hare"

274. "Geikie" not "Giekie"

277. "in spite of" not "inspite of"

282. "extend" not "extending"

291. "alkaptonuria" not "alkaptanuria"

292. "seriatim" not "seriatum"

295. "Carmania" not "Carmenia"

297. "we may speak of" not "we make speak of"

299. Perhaps "Sargent's" not "Seargent's"

300. "itinerary" not "itinery"; "beetles" not "beatles"

325. "chemically changed" not "chemical changed"; "its scabbard" not "is scabbard"; "its partner" not "it partner"

337. "Biffen" not "Biffin"

344. "nucleus of each spermatid" not "nucleus of the each spermatid"

359. "which must be very nearly" not "which much be very nearly"

366. "more in line" not "more inline"

369. "Hybridization" not "Hybidization"

383. "Biffen" not "Biffin"

384. "Herringham" not "Herrington"

385. "Herringham" not "Herrington"; "Colombo" not "Columbo"

386. "Jane Austen" not "Jane Austin"; "Coningsby" not "Coningby"

391. "soothe" not "sooth"; "to study corn breeding" not "to studying corn breeding"

393. "Margaret" was probably shortened to "Margie"

394. "Gesellschaft" not "Gesellshaft"

406. "Cunningham's point" not "Cunningham point"

411. "information it conveys" not "information in conveys"

413. "there has been" not "there as been"

415. "due to" not "due to as"

417. "to the question" not "to question"

432. "Hygiene" not "Hygeine"

437 "see no reason" not "see not reason"

450. "Rayleigh" not "Raleigh"; "Azaleas" not "Azalias"

456. "luxuriance" not "luxurience"

457. "Verrall's" and "Verrall" not "Verral's" and "Verral"

459. "Britannica" not "Brittanica"

472. "data" not "date"

473. "Croydon" not "Croyden"

477. "Mechanismus" not "Mechanisus"

480. "They throw" not "The throw"

481. "address" not "addressed"

485. "indifferent as to its diffusion" not "indifferent as its diffusion"

501. "Brunstschweilen" not "Brumftschhwielen". Various misspellings are on pages 502, 562, 571, 572-576, 583 

508 "Åkarp" not "Akarp"

509. "do not culminate" not "do no culminate"

513. Rosemary Harvey suggests "Siarus" may be an anagram for "Russia", perhaps indicating that other messages are hidden in the document; "Catherine Suharov" was called "Katya", otherwise "Yekaterina N. Sakharova"

514. "geneticists" not "geneticist'; Michurin was portrayed as a Lamarckist by Lysenko's bureaucratic ally, Prezent.

522. "crossed swords" not "cross-swords"; "Corpus Christi" not "Corpus Christie"

523. "Bursar" not "Burser"

529. "them to shapes" not "them into shapes"

535. "Britannica" not "Brittanica"

549. "Hartog" not "Hartoz"

556. "fiancee" not "fiance"

559. "merkmale" not "merkmal"

563. "Menchen werden" not "Menchen warden"

564. "Przibram" not "Przibrum"

574. "on the other hand" not "an the other hand"

579. "like a spot of black ink" not "like to spot of black ink"

591. "dying" not "dieing"

592. "Belgian native" not "Belgium native"

594. "Schuster" not "Shuster"

595. "Biologiques" not "Biologique"; "no doubt" not "not doubt"

609. "minor" not "miner"

616. "portentous" not "portentious"

628. "over to America" not "over the America"

629. "as about Bateson" not "but about Bateson"

630. "than of its sarcasm" not "that of its sarcasm"

632. "than segregation" not "that segregation"

635. "dedicated his/her" not "dedicated to his/her"; "sleight" not "slight"; "Dawkins' attack" not "Dawkins attack"

641. "likened" not "liked"

643. "Patrick Matthew" not "Patrick Mathew"; "On Naval" not "on Naval"; "Centre" not "Institute"

650. "was as far as" not "was far as"

653. "test of time" not "test if time"; "determine" not "determination"

664. "Majestic" not "Magestic"

668. "1979" not "1978"

670. "sword of one chromosome can pair" not "sword of one strand can pair"

674. "supernumerary" not "supernumary"; "Regard to Discontinuity" not "Regard to the Discontinuity"

675. "Hybridization" not "Hybidization"

684. "Cambridge University" not "Cambridge University Press"

687. "Entomologist's" not "Etomologist's"

694. "[- -  New York, October 1st, 1902; Bateson's remark on chromosomes is on page 123.]" not "[- -  New York, September, 1902.]"

700. The paper listed as "Centaurus (submitted for publication)" was published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology (2009)

702. That the anonymous reviewer for The Atheneum was probably James Ward was inferred by P. J. Pauly (1982) Victorian Studies 25, 161-180. This fits in with Bateson's remark on Ward (p. 552).

711. "his uncle F. W. Bateson" not "his father F. W. Bateson" [Thank you PB for this correction.]

713. "tuning in" not "tuningin"

716. Biffen is also mentioned on pages 337 and 383

720. Correns is also mentioned on page 141

726. "Geikie" not "Giekie"

731. "Lord Rayleigh" not "Lord Raleigh"

740. "Sclater, P. L." not "Sclater P. J."

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