Supplementary Application FAQ

This year’s Supplementary Application is being delivered through a new platform for an improved applicant experience, with additional functionality to allow applicants to practice and prepare for the submission of their Supplementary Application.

Applicants to Commerce, Health Sciences, and Nursing will be required to complete one written response and one video response.

Be sure to add and to your safe senders list. We will communicate with you via the email that you use when you apply.


  • The deadline to submit your Supplementary Application for the Fall term is February 15, 2024, 11:59PM EST.  
  • The deadline to submit your Supplementary Application for Winter Entry is October 15, 2024, 11:59PM EST.

We recommend reviewing the rubrics to understand the components that contribute to a successful/good Supplementary Application. The questions will not be asking you to list your involvement outside of the classroom, however, in your responses you may reference an experience you have had. The benefit of this assessment is to meet you virtually, to get a sense of who you are, to learn about the potential you would bring to Queen’s, and to understand how you think in real time.

You will have 10 minutes to complete your written response and submit it. For your video response you will have 2 minutes to prepare, and 2 minutes to deliver your answer. 

If you require accommodation to complete the Supplementary Application, please reach out to us at

Yes, there is a 285-word limit.

If you experience technical difficulties, such as your Wi-Fi connection becomes unstable, or your laptop/desktop microphone is not working, you can reach out to the Help Center during the hours of 9am-5pm EST. In addition, and outside of those hours you can email, or you can reach out to Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment at If you are required to retake or resubmit one or both components of the application, you will receive a new question(s) at random.  

Yes, you can practice before you begin the official application. In fact, the practice is a mandatory component of the check-in process, so it will give you an opportunity to get comfortable with the platform. The practice questions are not part of the official application so you can complete the practice questions as many times as you want. They will not be part of your assessment.

You will complete the written response first, and then the video response. 

No. You can complete the written response first, sign out and take a break, and sign back in later to complete the video response. You must submit the application by the February 15 deadline. If you wish to complete the application in one sitting, you can do that. 

No, you will not be required to submit a verifier.

Yes, you will complete a Supplementary Application for each program that you apply to that requires a Supplementary Application. However, if you apply to both Health Sciences on the Kingston campus, and Health Sciences at Bader College, you will only be required to submit one Supplementary Application.

There is no official dress code as part of the Supplementary Application. We recommend that you set yourself up alone in a space that you feel comfortable in, where you will not be interrupted, and where you know there is a stable internet connection.

You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your Supplementary Application is complete. You can keep this for your records.

The instructions and the entire Supplementary Application are in English.

No, we will not share the questions ahead of time and each applicant will receive their questions at random. We strongly encourage you to review the rubrics, to get a better understanding of our expectations of a successful Supplementary Application.

It takes several individuals to complete the review of the Supplementary Applications. There are review teams from Commerce, Health Sciences, and Nursing, and staff from Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment who review and score the Supplementary Application.

Yes, our teams go through a comprehensive training process including anti-bias training, as well as extensive review and training of the rubrics.  

It is very important. The Supplementary Application is one mandatory part of the assessment of your application to Commerce, Health Sciences, or Nursing. It is also important to ensure you understand the admission requirements for these programs based on the curriculum you are studying.

We receive a high volume of applications to the Commerce, Health Sciences, and Nursing programs and it takes a significant amount of time to review and score the Supplementary Application. It is also important to remember that the Supplementary Application is one mandatory piece of your entire application. There are academic requirements, and there may be other items to complete on your To Do List. We aim to communicate all decisions to our applicants by mid-May. If you have questions about the admission requirements, or items on your To Do List, please reach out to us at

We recommend that you complete the Supplementary Application when you have the time to focus on it. It will take you about 30 minutes to complete so ensure you are somewhere you are comfortable and where you have a stable internet connection. Reviewing the rubrics is a great way to prepare and understand how you can be successful in your Supplementary Application.

Apr 18, 2023 10:33 am