Steering Committee Terms of Reference

Foundational Leadership Alumni Group (FLAG) Committee

September 2020


The FLAG Committee is a standing committee. The purpose of this Committee is to support Senior Leadership and Human Resources by advancing the strategic priorities of Queen’s University. It promotes the Foundational Leadership Program and reviews its content; encourages mentorship for the Emerging Leaders Program; and acts as an incubator for growing leadership potential amongst FLAG participants and the greater Queen’s community. 

Our efforts encourage the development of emotional intelligence and a sound understanding of equity, diversity, inclusion, and indigeneity among the University’s leaders. In addition, we facilitate learning opportunities that help members better understand people and how they work, celebrate courage, and build productive and happy teams by drawing on people's strengths.

We believe that leadership is not tied to position. Creating a dynamic culture of learning and a community of practice at Queen’s for those striving to become better leaders will result in creative solutions, innovative ideas, and a strong cohort of talent, amongst whom will be many of the next senior leaders. 


  1. Assist and inform the Senior Leadership to facilitate holistic and inclusive decision-making and provide advice on change management practices and innovation.
  2. Act as a liaison to the wider population of leaders at Queen’s to engage them in whole-hearted discussions on creative and innovative ways in which the University can pursue its strategic mandates.
  3. Provide opportunities for ongoing professional learning and engagement that bridges the gaps between decentralized units, faculties, and departments.
  4. Provide opportunities for leaders to network and build relationships with other like-minded leaders.


This Committee acts as advisory body to Senior Leadership at the University while creating opportunities for professional support to FLAG members and affiliates. The diversity of members encourages the opening of communication between groups.  


The Committee will strive for consensus when making decisions, but the Chair may ask the Committee to vote on specific matters. In these cases, majority (50% + 1) rules with quorum present (50% + 1 of the Committee). There will be no proxy or email voting unless explicitly determined by the Chair. The Committee cannot commit the use of the financial or human resources without prior approval of the Chair.   


The Chair takes the recommendations of the Committee to Senior Leadership directly for approval. The Chair will make final decisions regarding the activities of the Committee after considering input from the membership.  

Roles and Membership

All roles will be appointed by the Committee and draw upon professionals and leaders from across the University. The Committee will consider accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion a top priority. The Chair appointment will be for three years to ensure consistency. All other roles will be for two years. Appointments can be recurring and consecutive.

This Committee of seven leaders and University professionals has the following roles: 

  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Member-at-large x 4

Membership may include:  

  • Foundational Leadership Program graduates
  • Current Foundational Leadership Program cohort
  • Emerging Leader Program graduates
  • Queen’s Women’s Network members
  • Like-minded colleagues, advocates, leaders, and managers 

If you are interested in joining the steering committee, please contact us


Meetings: This Committee will have standing meetings as well as adhoc planning meetings.  

Events: This Committee will aim to host quarterly FLAG events for the Queen’s community of professionals and leaders. The focus of these events will include learning opportunities, networking, and the opportunity to work on projects or provide feedback to Senior Leadership.     

The Committee will form working groups to generate ideas or implement recommendations provided by the Senior Leadership Team.

The terms of reference for this Committee will be reviewed and revised on a three-year cycle.