Degrees Offered

  • M.Sc. (specializing in cancer research): 24 months, full time
  • Ph.D. (specializing in cancer research): 36 - 48 months, full time

Graduate students in the Collaborative Program will be required to satisfy the academic requirements of the program-of-registration as well as:

  • A thesis project in an area of Cancer Research
  • One or more designated Cancer Research recommended courses, either as part of requirements or electives of their home department, or in addition to those requirements.
  • Participate in the Cancer Research Seminar Series, which will expose students to examples of cancer research and practice in broad areas.  All students in the Collaborative Program are required to present their research regularly in either this or another required seminar series, such as departmental seminar series.

female student working with cancer test tubes in a labfemale students putting samples into lab cetrifuge