Graduate Studies in Cancer Research

Multidisciplinary and collaborative  

The Graduate Program in Cancer Research is a multidisciplinary collaborative program that provides students with opportunities to pursue their studies within nationally, and internationally recognized centres of Cancer Research excellence at Queen's University.

This collaborative Program is jointly offered by the graduate programs in:

... to provide students with centralized access to the broad range of cancer research and educational opportunities available to them within the Faculty of Health Sciences, and at Queen's University as a whole.

Cutting-edge research opportunities 

Students have the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research with potential to significantly impact on all areas of cancer research, and to engage in innovative projects in a broad range of areas from prevention, diagnosis and management of cancer to development of cancer policy.

Strengths in graduate education in Cancer Research at Queen's span research areas from structural and tumour biology and genetics, through epidemiology, to outcomes research and health policy development.

The Collaborative Program provides an intellectual focus on cancer and connects researchers and graduate students with different perspectives on this area.

The program encourages interactions of researchers and students with common interests in cancer, regardless of departmental home, and at the same time facilitates productive interaction between individuals involved in different research areas, all focused on different aspects of cancer research.

Registering for the Collaborative Graduate Program in Cancer Research

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