The Contaminants of Emerging Concern Research Excellence Network is looking for a M.ASc candidate with a background in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Chemistry, or a related field to work on a project investigating the removal of emerging contaminants during wastewater treatment. The successful incumbent will perform incubation and exposure experiments with lab-scale bioreactors, use state-of-the-art analytical equipment to analyze pharmaceutical compounds and their metabolites, and contribute to exploratory reactor design for full-scale application. 

The research will be supervised by Dr. Bas Vriens (Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering), Dr. Sarah Jane Payne (Department of Civil Engineering), and Dr. Ehssan Koupaie (Department of Chemical Engineering), in collaboration with a highly interdisciplinary team at the Contaminants of Emerging Concern - Research Excellence Network. 

Students with hands-on experience in the laboratory, strong communication skills and an interest in multi-disciplinary approaches to solve complex problems are particularly encouraged to apply!

To apply, email Dr. Payne (sarahjane.payne@queensu.ca) or Dr. Vriens (bas.vriens@queensu.ca) before Feb. 1st, 2022, with a motivation letter and CV. 

Graphene-based Filtration Technologies for in-situ Groundwater Remediation of PFAS 

Project Summary: Pre and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) pose a significant threat to Canadian freshwater systems due to their widespread application in cosmetics, food packaging, and fire retardants, etc. The collaborative research between Queen's University and an industry partner aims to develop graphene-based technologies capable of filtering and immobilizing PFAS from contaminated groundwaters. The incoming students will contribute to the characterization of PFAS environmental fate and interactions with graphene along with the design and implementation of permeable reactive barriers (PRB) for in-situ groundwater remediation. 

Requirements: We are looking for self-motivated Ph.D. candidates who are passionate about research and the environment. The candidates should hold a M.Sc. in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, or related fields. Prior research/working experience with graphene-based, materials is an asset. 

Timeline: The position is available as early as January 2022. 

How to apply: Please send your CV and letter of motivation to Dr. Ehssan Koupaie (ehssan.koupaie@queensu.ca)