Pascale Champagne

Network Director, PhD, PEng, DWRE, FASCE, FEWRI, F.CAE 

Dr. Pascale Champagne is the Network Director of the CEC-REN. She is also the Scientific Director at Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) and a Professor at Queen's University in the Department's of Civil and Chemical Engineering. Dr. Champagne's research focuses on the development of alternate water and waste management strategies and environmentally sustainable approaches with a focus on integrated bioresource management. Her research activities are interdisciplinary and have commonality with the fields of environmental and chemical engineering, biology and green chemistry; hence, she collaborates and has evolved synergistic relationships with a number of researchers in these fields to develop new integrated bioresource management practices, to introduce alternate aqueous and solid waste management approaches, and to create unique opportunities for the bioenergy and biproducts sectors.

Laura Cybulski

Research Operations Administrator

Laura Cybulski is the Research Operations Administrator for the CEC-REN and works with the research faculty, industry and community partners to support the growth of interdisciplinary research in the Network. Ms. Cybulski has oversight of the Network's finances, and supports graduate student success, through securing internships and mentoring them in research ethics, research proposal development, and knowledge translation activities.