Ana Maria da Silva

Ana Maria da Silva


Civil Engineering

Queen's University

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Dr. da Silva is a Civil Engineer specializing in Environmental Fluid Mechanics, Fluvial Hydraulics and River Engineering. Her research interests include mechanics of turbulent river flows, sediment transport and river morphodynamics. Her present research efforts include the development of analytical and numerical models for the simulation and prediction of river morphological response to natural or man-induced changes in flow regime and/or sediment load.

Of particular interest are the medium- and long-term river bed and planform adjustments caused by direct river interventions (such as construction/removal of dams, barrages and weirs, construction or raising of levees, straightening, etc.), as well as those caused by land use changes at the catchment level. The development of the aforementioned models is being supported by an extensive experimental research, focusing on the mechanics of the bed and bank erosion/sedimentation in both, meandering and braiding rivers. The experimental research is being carried out in the new Queen's River and Estuarine Morphodynamics Research Facility, whose component is a 21m long, 7m wide, 0.6m deep basin. Dr. da Silva is also involved with the numerical modeling of local scour around hydraulic structures.

Ana is a co-applicant on the LEADERS CREATE Program and a collaborator on the Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence