Cao Thang Dinh

Cao Thang Dinh

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

Queen's University

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Cao Thang Dinh's Full Profile 

Cao Thang Dinh received his master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering from Laval University in 2010 and 2014, respectively. His graduate work focused on designing visible-light-driven nanostructured photocatalysts for water splitting and the decomposition of organic pollutants. After receiving his doctorate, Cao joined Sargent’s group at the University of Toronto as a postdoctoral fellow. Here, he focused on developing catalysts and systems for the conversion of carbon dioxide to fuels and chemicals using renewable energy. Cao began his independent career in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen’s University in July of 2019.

Cao is a Co-investigator on the Open Plastic