Yves Filion

Yves Filion


Civil Engineering

Queen's University

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Dr. Yves Filion's Full Profile 

Dr. Yves Filion is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. His research focuses on water quality and hydraulic interactions in drinking water distribution systems. His research is focused on advancing the understanding of mechanisms behind the accumulation and release of metals (e.g., manganese and iron among others) that cause water quality problems when mobilized from the pipe wall; understanding how environmental, water quality, and fluid flow conditions influence the properties of multi-species biofilms (microbial composition, physical structure, mechanical strength) in drinking water distribution systems; and examining the role that heavy metals and antibiotic compounds play on the development of bacterial resistance in drinking water biofilms.

Dr. Filion is a Co-Director of the Drinking Water Quality Group and a Theme Lead on the Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence.