Graeme Howe

Graeme Howe

Assistant Professor


Queen's University

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Graeme Howe received his Hon. B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Toronto. During his undergraduate studies, he had the opportunity to work with Prof. Dwight Seferos, learning to use computation to predict the properties and reactivities of small molecules. Graeme remained in Toronto to carry out his doctoral studies with Prof. Ron Kluger, studying the mechanisms of decarboxylation of thiamin-derived intermediates and aromatic acids. After receiving his doctorate in 2016, Graeme traveled south of the border to use physical organic chemistry to the study the mechanisms of unusual phosphotransferases under the supervision of Prof. Wilfred van der Donk at UIUC. Graeme began his independent career in the Department of Chemistry at Queen’s University in July of 2019.

Graeme is a Co-investigator on the Open Plastic