Kela Weber

Kela Weber

Associate Professor

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

The Royal Military College of Canada

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Kela Weber's Full Profile

Kela Weber is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. He is the head of the Environmental and Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory (EBEL), an environmental science and engineering laboratory with a focus on biological interactions and the use of microorganisms in both natural and engineered systems. EBEL is involved in a wide variety of research projects at both the fundamental (lab scale) and applied (field scale) level. EBEL research endeavours can be categorized into 4 major themes: 1) Water Treatment; 2) Environmental Protection; 3) Environmental Remediation; 4) Fundamental Science Exploration. Dr. Weber brings an extensive network of government stakeholders and also manages extensive projects across Canada in First Nations communities; experience and connections, which will be applied to training and research opportunities for students.

Kela is a co-applicant on the LEADERS CREATE Program and the Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellence.