Xiaying Xin

Xiaying Xin

Assistant Professor

Civil Engineering

Queen's University


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Xiaying Xin's Full Profile

Dr. Xin is a new faculty member in Civil Engineering. Her research focuses on drinking water treatment strategies, environmental impact assessment, and risk management. Dr. Xin’s research activities are interdisciplinary and have commonalities with the fields of environmental engineering, environmental chemistry, analytical chemistry, and microbiology. Her expertise lies in advanced oxidation process, biodegradation, biofiltration, and bubble technology. Dr. Xin is fascinated by treatment of toxic bacteria, algae, biotoxins, antibiotic resistant bacteria/genes, and emerging contaminants (e.g. pharmaceuticals and personal care products, flame retardants, microplastics). Her expertise also lies in synchrotron radiation and the associated techniques to solve a variety of challenges in analytical chemistry.

Previously, Dr. Xin worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Memorial University of Newfoundland (2019-2021)Prior to her arrival at Queen’s University, Dr. Xin worked as a research assistant professor at State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution and the School of Energy and Environment in the City University of Hong Kong (2021-2022). 

Dr. Xin is a Co-Director of the Drinking Water Quality Group