An advertisement for Rokeach’s lecture “Freedom, Responsibility and Political Ideology” in the Queen’s Journal.

Milton Rokeach was a professor of social psychology at Michigan State University. He was known for his study of the relationship between individual psychology and the formation of social and political attitudes and beliefs. His writings include The Open and Closed Mind (1960). and Three Christs of Ypsilanti (1964). He later taught at the University of Western Ontario and Washington State University. In the final years of his career, he turned his attention to the Rockeach Value Survey and his book The Nature of Human Values (1973), which suggested that by measuring individual’s ranking of a few core human values, one could predict a range of behaviour including political affiliation and religion. Rokeach received the Kurt Lewin Memorial Award of the American Psychological Association in 1984 and Harold Lasswell Award of the International Society of Political Psychology in 1988.

Milton Rokeach’s lecture was part of a series on “Freedom and Responsibility in Contemporary Society” and was held on October 22, 1969.

The poster for the series “Freedom and Responsibility in Contemporary Society.”