Cabot Martin, James McCrorie, and Andrew Rickard (1977-1978)

Jan 27, 1978

“Regional Tension in Canada” This panel was the second part of a series beginning with Northcote Parkinson’s lecture. Three Canadians, from Newfoundland, Ojibwe-Cree territory, and the Prairies, met to discuss the aspirations of their own regions and the position of [...]

Pierre Charpentier, Alfred Pick, Allan Roger, Rev. C. William Smith, Pierre Tanguay (1974-1975)

Nov 27, 1974

“Institutional Cooperation Between Canada and Latin America: Government and Church” This panel was part of a series on “Canada’s Involvement in Latin America,” which began with Michael Lubbock’s lecture. The five speakers each addressed a different aspect of Canada-Latin [...]